Sunday, 18 November 2012

Joliebox November

My Joliebox arrived on Friday and I was looking forward to seeing what was inside as I wasn't impressed with last months box so had my fingers crossed that this month would be better. Sadly I think it is worse!
Arrived in the black box and bag as usual.
The theme of this months box is Beauty in the City. 
Featuring favourite and up and coming brands from around the world.
Vertumne a Venus - Moisturising and Regenerating Hand Cream
2ml sample - yes that's right a 2ml sample. It is made with all natural ingredients but I have no idea how you are supposed to know if you like a product or not from one application. 50ml retails for £30.90 here making the sample worth £1.24
Jane Iredale - Glow Time BB Cream
2ml sample - yes that's another tiny sample.  A full coverage BB cream with SPF 25. Again hard to decide if you like a product from using a teeny sample like this. 50ml retails for £34.95 here making the sample worth £1.40
Topicrem - Body Glitter 3D Effect
15ml sample.  The lotion gives a shimmery not sparkly sheen.  200ml retails for $14.83 approx £9.27 making the sample worth 70p
Dead Sea Spa Magik - Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash
25 ml sample.  I never thought this would be a brand that I would see in Joliebox, I have had quite a few products from this brand in other boxes but I always considered Joliebox more "high end" in terms of skincare.  150ml retails for £7.20 here making the sample worth £1.20
Yardley - Royal Diamond EDT
1ml sample.  We had this in another one of the beauty boxes and I actually really like the smell so this is my favourite product in the box.  50ml retails for £6.66 here making the sample worth 13p
Marvis - Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste
10ml sample.  It says the toothpaste comes in imaginative flavours to make brushing your teeth anything but routine.  Mint, imaginative? really? 75ml retails for £5.50 here making the sample worth 73p

This is by far the worst box I have had from Joliebox and I really don't know what has happened to the company, we normally get really good quality samples not teeny sachets and cheap brands.  The total value of this box adds up to £5.40!!! Considering we pay £12.95 including postage it is really not good enough.

I am going to keep the subscription for the December box as I am hoping they send us a brilliant Christmas box - fingers crossed!

I also ordered a second box this month to give to my friend as a gift, which to be honest I wish I hadn't done as I could have spent the money on a much better gift.

Did you get this box? What do you think? Do you agree that the Jolieboxes have really changed?