Monday, 31 March 2014

Custom Made Indie Nail Polish Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I've not been around for a few weeks but I'm back with a fantastic giveaway, three full size bottles of custom made one off polishes will be winging their way to one very lucky winner!

I asked three UK indie polish companies to make me three prizes for a giveaway and I used inspiration for a couple of major events that happened to us in 2013 for a bit of inspiration!

Nail Lacquer UK - Firecracker
Iconic Effect - Double Trouble*
Taras Talons - Fate
Firecracker made by Nail Lacquer UK.  It has a red holographic base with red glitter and red large circle glitter.
Double Trouble* made by Iconic Effect.  This is a baby blue linear holo base with large and small holo hexes.
Fate made by Taras Talons.  The base is a very shimmery white that easily takes on the colour of whatever it's over and there's lots of purple glitters including reflect, matte dots and stars!

Thank you to the three lovely ladies that created these one off polishes, they are absolutely gorgeous!

*A huge thank you to Kelly for donating Double Trouble for the giveaway.

You can find them on Facebook The Tara Emporium Iconic Effect Nail Lacquer UK

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hello Fresh Final Review - It's Not Good!

I wrote a blog post on 9th Feb about signing back up to Hello Fresh, you can read the post here.  I first used Hello Fresh back in 2012 and was assured when I agreed to purchase a box earlier this month that all the problems they had in 2012 had been resolved.  I did enjoy a few of the meals from the box but I cancelled my subscription as I felt that the box did not provide value for money and that I could purchase the ingredients for a fraction of the price from the supermarket.

I cancelled my subscription too late for the following weeks box to be cancelled so on Thursday this box arrived....
The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that it contained considerably less than the previous weeks box. As I was getting the "fresh" items out of the box I noticed that some of them were slightly wet...
This was the reason why! Rotten tomatoes! 
Rotten pepper!
Green potatoes!
Damp, mouldy garlic!

I was not happy at all with finding these items in my box and emailed Hello Fresh straight away to let them know and to ask for a refund.  They didn't reply to me on the Thursday and I had to chase twice on Twitter before they replied to my email on Friday.

The reply was not satisfactory at all - all items are checked before packing, we will tell the delivery driver to be more careful and we will add a little something to your next box! WHAT! Firstly they could have at least checked my account to see that I had already cancelled my subscription, I am speechless that they think they can send rotten/mouldy food to customers and expect them to carry on their subscription for "a little something extra" in the next box.  

These items weren't damaged in transit - the rotten tomatoes were in the middle of the pack, I moved some of them to the top for the photo.  

I replied that I wasn't happy at all with the response and that I wanted a refund.  I still haven't had a reply.  

The awful customer service I received and the quality of the food were the reasons I cancelled the subscription back in 2012 and I feel like a bit of an idiot for resubscribing!

It is not very often I post negative reviews on my blog but I feel very strongly that I need to be honest about my experience with Hello Fresh.  £49.00 is a lot of money to spend on 5 meals and I can't afford to be wasting money on food that we cannot even eat!  

*UPDATE - I was contacted by the Managing Director of Hello Fresh after he read this blog post.  He was very apologetic and I was refunded for the box.