Sunday, 31 March 2013

Don't Forget About Me!

I know everyone is probably aware that google reader will be no more in a couple of months and then Hello Cotton announced this week that it is closing down the site = BOOOOOO!

I added the Bloglovin widget to my blog a couple of weeks ago so please start following me there instead!

Spending Ban Update Number 3

I started my 100 day spending ban on 15th January and it runs until 24th April!

I have been doing so well but on day 64 I caved!! Debenhams had a beauty sale on and I couldn't resist the Urban Decay smoked 24/7 glide on eye pencil set as it was reduced from £26.00 to £16.00! I love the UD liners so before I knew it I was pulling my card from my purse and checking out.  Oops!

Image taken from Google

The set contains liners in L-R


I did also purchase two Biotherm fragrances at the same time as they were half price at £13.00 but they are being returned as soon as the post office opens on Tuesday!
So the damage is not that bad! Although slightly disappointed that I caved before the 100 days, now to just make it to the 24th April....

I haven't been doing want posts as I know if I start looking at lovely things I will want them and cave again so I have been trying not to be swayed!

Hubby has been doing the spending ban with me and he isn't doing too badly, he has bought himself the new Tomb Raider game for his PS3 but apart from that he has been good! He has been taking his old games that he doesn't play anymore and exchanging them for new games.  So as well as saving money he is also decluttering - which I love!

Are you doing a spending ban how are you getting on?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Beauty Bundle

I was sent a huge surprise parcel by my lovely friend and fellow blogger Nardin, if you follow my blog you will know she sends me amazing surprises, presents and swaps!  Nardin blogs over at Live Laugh Love.

I will put up another post on all the surprises she sent and link it here.

This is My Beauty Bundle beauty box.  This beauty box has a difference, it is for new mums, mums-to-be and babies.  The boxes contain 100% natural products.
The products are sent in a chocolate brown box.
The contents are wrapped in duck egg blue tissue paper which is tied with a chocolate brown ribbon.  I really like the colour combination.
There are also two cards - one tells you the contents of the box with a brief description of each product and the other one has their Facebook page here and their twitter account here.
The boxes contain at least four products, these can be sample sized or full sized.
The boxes appear to be tailored to which month of pregnancy you are in - you can enter your due date on their website.  The also send products suitable for your newborn baby - how lovely is that!
Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch Oil 30ml
This is a natural oil which can be used on itchy skin or to help prevent stretch marks.  It says to massage gently into belly, breasts, hips and thighs.  It can also be used for perineal massage during labour - not sure how hubby would feel about this one!!
I will definitely be using this on my growing belly and thighs.
Kadria Labour Oil
I'm not sure how much this bottle contains as it doesn't state it on the label, it doesn't have an ingredients label either.
It says on the card that it contains Clary Sage to initiate labour and evening primrose to balance your hormones after you have had the baby.  As the oil can initiate labour I haven't had a sniff, I made hubby smell it and he said it smells of lavender.
I will be trying this once I get to full term, anything to not go over my due date!
Organic at Heart Unbleached Baby Silk Sponge
This is a lovely item to include in the box, much nicer on the skin than a synthetic sponge. 
Celtic Herbal Honeysuckle or Lavender Soap 20g
I got this in honeysuckle which I am really pleased about as I have loved the smell of honey products since getting pregnant.  This will be nice to use with the sponge.

I'm made up with this beauty box, it is so thoughtful and such a lovely gift.  Thank you Nardin!
I normally put prices of items up on my blog but as it was a gift I didn't think it was right to do that but I have linked their Facebook page and their twitter account above so you can find out all about the boxes.

I am very tempted to sign up once baba arrives as it would be lovely getting some natural items every month as a little surprise.

Have you heard of this company before or tried any of their boxes?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Green People Cooling Hydrating Mist and Soft Lips Review

When I was contacted by Green People asking if I would like to review some of their products on my blog I jumped at the chance as I have used quite a few Green People products from their cleanser to their moisturiser to their sun tan lotion! I have liked everything I have used so far and was looking forward to trying some products that they class as "travel essentials".
Had to share with you this gorgeous container that they sent the goodies in!
Soft Lips Balm SPF 8 10ml
This soothing lip balm with UV protection protects and softens dry, chapped lips. It offers super soft lips and a natural sheen from berry wax and fairly traded CupuaƧu butter. This mild, no-scent formulation – with no essential oils – is ideal for parched, raw and chapped lips and can be applied over lipstick for a subtle gloss effect. 65% certified organic ingredients.
The balm is quite a thick consistency but melts immediately on contact with your lips.
I have had really dry lips all winter and nothing has really sorted them out but I can see a real difference after using this for the past couple of weeks - no more dry flaky skin for me!
It has it is unscented but I can smell a slight scent but nothing too heavy and there is no taste (not that I recommend eating it! You know what I mean!).  It is not sticky, it sinks in easily so that it is more of a protective thin layer rather than sitting on top of your lips.
Thumbs up from me!
10ml retails for £4.95 here
Cooling Hydrating Mist 100ml
A multi-purpose alcohol-free mist for the face and body. Hydrate and rebalance a dehydrated complexion with this handy spritz. Precious Rose and Orange Blossom floral waters are carefully blended with soothing Aloe Vera, hydrating Marshmallow and calming Chamomile to offer a refreshing pick me up to tired, lacklustre skin.  This versatile mist can be used as a toner or as a great ‘instant fix’ hydration booster, offering skin cooling relief. Keep in the fridge to use as a cooling mist on 'sun-kissed' skin in the summer.  The soft orange scent is divine. 96.9% certified organic ingredients.
I was most excited to see this in the container - as I am now 25 weeks pregnant I keep getting hot flushes! I have to open the window in work and put the fan on while my poor colleague freezes for 10 minutes until it passes! 
I had told Green People that I am pregnant to make sure the samples that they sent me would be suitable for me to use.  This has become a handbag staple, the mist is definitely cooling and I haven't had to fling the window open as much! It has the typical "Green People" scent to me - if you have used Green People products you will know what I mean. It has a pump spray and the mist is very light and fine.  Once the weather warms up and I finish work I will be keeping this in the fridge for an extra cooling blast.  This would be fab to take on holiday if you are planning on going somewhere with lots of sunshine.
100ml retails for £13.99 here

Green People products are not tested on animals and never contain:
Sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, parabens, lanolin, phthalates, propylene glycol, alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), harsh foaming agents, synthetic fragrances, irritating emulsifiers, PABA-sunscreen, petrochemicals, colourants, urea, DEA, TEA or PEGs.

10% of net profit is donated to charities - If only all companies were so generous!

Have you tried any Green People Products?  What do you think?

Monday, 4 March 2013

Nails Inc Prince Albert Road Review and Swatches

Nails Inc Prince Albert Road* is part of the OMG! collection, you can buy the three polishes from Look Fantastic for £18.75 that is a saving of £14.25 on RRP.

This OMG! Collection from Nails Inc brings you a selection of three shimmering nail varnishes, each one boasting seductive glistening colour. This set compiles fabulous glittery shades complete in vibrant colours, an absolute must have to brighten up your nails this season. This incredible bargain collection is sure to help you tantalise your fingertips, and paint your nails in style.

This OMG! Collection includes:

Waterloo Place (10ml) - Pink
Prince Albert Road (10ml) - Blue
Regents Park Road (10ml) - Turquoise

This is one coat of Prince Albert Road
It is described as blue on the Look Fantastic website but I would definitely say it's purple!
One coat provided complete coverage.  Application is easy as the polish is the perfect consistency and has a very fast drying time.
Again this is one coat with no topcoat.
The polish contains tiny silver flecks which give it it a lovely shimmer, almost foil like finish.
I topped my ring finger with China Glaze Glitter All the Way!

I forget how much I like Nails Inc polishes, they always apply so nicely and dry quickly!  This is a stunning colour and I'm tempted to pick up the whole set!

I have a giveaway on at the moment as it's my blogs first birthday this month, you can enter here.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Blog Birthday Giveaway!

I can't believe my blog is 1 today!! The past year has flown by, thank you so much to all my followers it means a lot to me that you read my posts and leave me lovely comments.

Betrousse kindly sent me this Pretty Beauty box for a giveaway, so perfect timing for blogs birthday. The box is worth a massive £75!

I have previously reviewed one of these boxes and you can read the review here.

The box contains:
Saffron London Cracking Nail Polish in Black 14ml £0.75
Papier Poudre Pack of 3 Booklets, 65 sheets in each book £7.95
Kesari Radieuse Anti-Age 30ml £47.00
Cupcake Organic Blue Tansy & Lavender Balancing Day Cream 30ml £16.00
Essyta Cosmetics Body Lotion 250ml £13.50
Yves Rocher Organic Refreshing Gel Cleanser 200ml £11.00
Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss in Pink 10ml £13.90
Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette in Grey 10g £2.00
Arganti 100% Pure Argan Oil 60ml £10.00

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Betrousse Fairy Beauty Box Review

Betrousse Fairy Beauty Box* - I'm not sure why it has fairy in the description but it's packed full of goodies so that's what matters! The contents of the box are worth a whopping £97, the price of the price is £19 plus P&P.
The products arrived well packaged in the usual black Betrousse box with hot pink tissue wrapping and packing wiggles (not sure of the actual name!).  All the products are full size so you can decide whether or not you actually like the product.
Skinetica Anti Blemish 100ml retails for £9.99.
I've read some good reviews on this product, my skin has been behaving recently so I have not been able to try it out. As soon as I get a breakout I'll be seeing if it lives up to the hype!
Saffron London Black Cracking Nail Polish 14ml retails for £0.75.
I have had this in a previous Betrousse box but as the boxes are not subscription based I don't feel that's an issue.  I am not a fan of cracking polishes so I'll pass this on to someone who will use it.
Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa mask OR Glacial Clay Spa mask, 1 mask and retails for £1.49.
I got the Dead Sea Mud Spa mask, it is a clay infused fabric mask.  I like a good clay mask so I am looking forward to using this, and to it not being too messy as it's a fabric mask.  I always manage to get clay masks all over the bathroom!
Laboratoire LDA-Soins Experts Hydra Expert Cream 50ml retails for £34.00.
This is a day cream for dry skin, my skin is always dry in the colder months so I'm looking forward to using this.
HydraExpert® Cream fights against skin dehydration. High regenerating and anti-oxidant action. Soothing and protective properties.  It contains ceramides, essential fatty acids and Jojoba Oil.

- Ceramides are used to maintain ideal moisture levels in the skin.

- Essential fatty acids including Omega. The lack of Omega 3 is often associated with dry skin. Use of Expert Hydra Cream helps restore the balance Omega 3 / Omega 6, essential for proper tissue development and renewal.

- Jojoba Oil regulates sebum production. It also has protective properties by creating a non-greasy film that preserves natural skin moisturing (against cold and drought).
Forte Pharma UK Turboslim ChronoActiv 28 tablets retail for £29.95.
I'm not sure how I feel about slimming tablets being included in a beauty box! Although again as the box is not subscription based it would be a personal choice to purchase the box and use the tablets.  As I am currently pregnant these are going to be stashed in the cupboard and may be very helpful in shifting some of the baby weight later on in the year.

Charme D'Orient Relaxing Body Massage Cream 100ml OR Bath and Massage Oil "Orient Scents" 150ml, both retail for £16.00.
I received the massage cream, it's quite a thick cream and smells lovely.
Formulated with a base of black seed oil, cinnamon essential oil and capsicum. Ideal for relaxing muscles and for massage.
Tattyoo Betrousse Tattoos £5.00
I'm always unsure of the pricing of products in the beauty boxes of own branded products but as the rest of the contents are worth so much I think we can let this one go ;)
Personally I am a bit old for this product but I have know two girls who would be made up with these so I will share them between them.

Overall another good box from Betrousse, I still like the concept of it not being a subscription based beauty box so you know what you are getting before it arrives.  I also like that all the products are full sized.  You can read more about the contents of this box and purchase it here,  There are more boxes for sale and you can find them here.

Have you had a Betrousse box before?