Monday, 15 September 2014

Pound World Revlon Haul Number 1!

Hi All! I picked up all these Revlon Parfumerie polishes in my local Pound World, they are still retailing for £6.49 each at Boots!

I got one of every colour that they had but I know some of the Pound World stores have even more of a variety so it's worth going to have a look!

 One coat of each of the above polishes (L-R)
China Flower
African Tea Rose
Wild Violets

One coat of the above polishes (L-R)
Italian Leather
Balsam Fir
Fresh Linen

They all do smell quite strongly once they are dry.  My favourites are China Flower, African Tea Rose and Wild Violets.  They all smell really floral and the colours are gorgeous.

I'm not so keen on Balsam Fir as it smells like toilet cleaner! The colour is lovely though.

I was most disappointed with Italian Leather, I love the colour but it doesn't smell at all like leather.

Have you picked any of these up in your local Pound World? I will be popping in again to see if they have any more in stock!

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