Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rimmel Metal Rush Pearly Queen Review

I must admit I have so many polishes in my stash that I have not yet tried, I really must try not to buy any more until I have worked my way through them (yeah who am I kidding, can't resist the pretties!! ). 

Rimmel Metal Rush Pearly Queen was one of these polishes.
Pearly Queen is from a small range of duo chrome polishes from Rimmel.

It is a silvery lilac that shifts to green and gold.  It is quite sheer all the pics show three coats plus topcoat.  It dried quickly and the wear time was very good - I think I got 4 days without it chipping which is a long time on my nails.
You can see the different colours coming through the polish and it looks so pretty and sparkly in the bottle....
....unfortunately I really didn't like it on my nails.

I personally found the colour too wishy washy for my personal taste and I don't think it suits my skintone.
It is quite pretty when it shifts to the greeny gold colour, this was taken in artificial light.
This is in natural light.
Even on this pic I think it looks much nicer in the bottle!

This polish is not for me, I have passed it on to my sister.  I maybe should have tried it over a base colour but I'm trying to be a bit ruthless with my polishes!

If you like it you can buy it for £3.99 here.  Have you tried any of the Metal Rush polishes?


  1. such a gorgeous shade! i wonder how it would look like with 1 thin coat over black :P

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  2. This looks like a lovely shade! great price too.


  3. Ooo I really like this and agree with Vicky, would be good to try it over the top of a different colour.


  4. I think it looks really unique, although not a shade for me

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