Friday, 3 January 2014

Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant Review - Update!

I started using the Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant in September, you can read the original post here, I said I would do an update post after using it.

I was really not impressed at all with this product.  I actually had to stop using it after about 3 weeks.  It did not provide any protection,  I kept getting whiffs of my underarms and it was not pleasant! I was very paranoid that other people would be able to smell me - I have never had this problem with any other deodorant.

Secondly I did not notice any reduction in the amount of hair under my arms (although it does state that it takes longer than 3 weeks), but what I did notice was that my armpits turned yellow! Yes you read that right YELLOW!

The staining went after a couple of days of not using the Inhibitif - thank goodness!

I would not recommend this product at all.  I was more than happy to go back to using my usual deodorant and shaving my armpits.

Have you tried this?  What did you think?


  1. I do love an honest review! I seem to recall this stuff is pretty expensive, definitely sounds like it isn't worth the money.

    Jo x