Monday, 27 August 2012

Joliebox August Review

My Joliebox arrived on Saturday whilst I was out enjoying a few drinkies with Hubby and the naughty Yodel delivery man left it on the doorstep in the rain! Luckily the inner box was fine.  The boxes this month were designed by Timai Hua.
I got the Road Trip box
There are several different box designs this month but the contents are the same.
I always forget to read the Joliemag as I am too busy playing with the contents. As it's a typical rainy bank holiday here today I am going to grab a cuppa and sit and read it.
The card is double sided - one side listing the contents and the other side telling you a bit more about the products in the box.
Three Dr Bronners Pure Castile Soap "pillows"
I got unscented, citrus orange and peppermint.  I don't know how much each pillow contains but 236ml retails for £5.49 and there is currently 15% off at Big Green Smile.
I have a bottle of this from a previous beauty box and I use it to clean my make-up brushes. One of the suggested uses is to clean your teeth with it, I really don't think I could clean my teeth with soap! You can find some more of the suggested uses here.
Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Dry Clean Revitalising Dry Shampoo
It is always handy to have dry shampoo in the cupboard and I have ran out so this well timed!  It is full sized and retails for £2.99 in Sainsburys.
So Susan Cosmetics Lip Cushion
The packaging says 3g of product, but the pot is tiny compared to the box so maybe this is sample sized? When I try and find So Susan cosmetics it takes me to Jelly Pong Pong so I presume they are one and the same.  The lip cushion retails for £6 here
The lip cushion is a lovely pink colour but contains quite a lot of glitter!
So Susan Wide Awake Palette
A second item from So Susan, this palette is lovely! Joliebox describe it as pocket sized but it definitely wouldn't fit in my pockets ;) 
This is a full size item and retails for £15 here.  I don't think I would use the eyebrow sculptor colours on my brows as they have quite a lot of shimmer. Will be lovely as an eyeshadow though. The tweezers are really handy too.
Looking at the pic on the jolly pong pong site the colours look different so I don't know if this palette is an old version or being rebranded?
The palette does have a really good sized mirror too but look what happened when I tried to take a pic! Naughty husband.
Leather Hair Styling Lace
I am trying to grow my hair after having it cut into a short bob in May so will keep this for when I have long luscious locks!

Again another great box from Joliebox full of items I am looking forward to using.

Did you get this box? What did you think?


  1. Ooh thats fab! May need tl try joliebox out! Im doing glossybox. Thanks for the fab post :)

    1. Glad you liked the post :) Definitely check out Joliebox x

  2. I like Dr Bronner soaps been using the for years. I haven't clean my teeth but it's good for washing hands and body and for taking on holiday if you need to wash out some undies :)

    1. Oh good thinking! These would be a perfect size to take on holiday x

  3. I didn't get this months box but wish I had it's fab! Luckily I have swapped for a few items I wanted! I adore Dr bronners stuff my oily skin loves it, and I really wanted that palette luckily managed to get my mitts on it!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. I've not washed my face with it - scared! Might have a go with the bottle I have open. The palette is so pretty, glad you managed to get your mitts on one xx

  4. Ha ha I love the pic of your hubby in the mirror, I should try that one too lol x

  5. Mine has been delivered but am away so won't be able to look at it until next week, I keep reading reviews can not wait! xx

    1. I can never resist a spoiler either ;) Nice little pressie to come home to!

  6. I really liked mine, but didn't get the lip thing. I got moisturiser instead, still pretty happy with it anyway.
    Also, my hair lace is kinda reddish-brown.

    1. Didn't realise there are two versions of the box! Hope the moisturiser is a good one x

  7. I love this month joliebox xx

  8. I got the same one - quite happy with it , but think the lace thing is a bit odd! Gave it to my little girl to make things with!!! X