Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dove Freebies with Ocado

Dove were running a Facebook promotion to get £30 worth of goodies for free with any Ocado Shop over £60.  We needed food shopping so placed an order and look at all these full size freebies I got!
Essential Nourishment Hand Cream
Shea Butter Beauty Bar (soap!) with Vanilla Scent
Maximum Protection 48hr Anti-Perspirant Cream
Invisible Dry Anti White Mark Deodorant
Daily Care Shampoo with Micro Moisture Serum
Daily Care Conditioner with Micro Moisture Serum
Supreme Fine Silk Beauty Cream Wash
Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash 
Essential Nourishment Body Lotion
Beauty Bath Indulging Cream

Made up with this freebie! Couldn't believe how many products we got. I really like Dove and their products are gentle enough not to irritate my sons skin.

Did you manage to get these freebies?


  1. These look great! Fab freebie x

    1. You got them too didn't you? Great deal! Love everything :) x

  2. Ahhhh man, I use Ocado but didn't know about this! xx

    1. I was lucky to see the pic Dove posted on Facebook! x

  3. Hi, just to let you know I have tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award :) If you have time and would like to take a look I have set the next lot of questions etc on my blog :) x

  4. What a fun blog!! SOOOOoo nice to meet you :). Thank you for sharing!