Wednesday, 16 January 2013

100 Day Spending Ban!

I started my 100 day spending ban yesterday, it will run until 24th April - yikes!!

Sandra from Beauty Balm had been talking about doing a ban toward the end of last year and I said I would join her, I was going to do a complete spending ban on everything but I am having a baby this year so I will need to buy maternity clothes (in moderation!)

The rules I have set for myself are:
1.  No beauty products, apart from cotton wool and deodorant. I have plenty of everything else to last me 100 days.
2.  No books or magazines. I do have subs to Elle, Glamour and Instyle, these have already been paid for.
3.  No buying lunch in work, I have to take my own in.  Lunch in work costs about £4-£5 per day so this will be a big saving.
4.  I can buy maternity clothes when needed, without going overboard.  I can buy birthday presents for friends and valentines present for hubby. I can go out for meals with my friends. That is all I am allowed to spend on though!

I spend so much money every month on stuff that I don't need.  I have clothes with tags on, shoes still new in boxes and enough beauty products to last me for the next year!  I am hoping by doing this spending ban I will teach me spend my money on items I need not want. I am also hoping it will mean I can pay off my credit card which will be great timing for me going on maternity leave!

The other lovely bloggers taking part in this spending ban

Katherine and Sarah Grace Louise Beauty
Emily Rosella

Are you doing a spending ban? Leave your link below!


  1. This is such a good idea! I think my boyfriend would welcome me taking part in a spending ban but I'm not sure I have the will power when it comes to shopping! Good luck :) x

    1. I forgot to add that my hubby is joining in with the spending ban! Think I was so shocked that I forgot to mention it!

  2. I think it's great that your hubby is doing the ban too! Good luck! x

  3. I think you are very brave lol I can not miss a bargain so doubt i could do it. So great that your hubby is doing it with you, will be easier with some support i am sure x

    Hope you can drop by my blog, i'm a newbie of only 10 days lol would appreciate any comments and especially a follow :) x

  4. Good luck lovely. I'm doing the ban as well. There is a spending ban chat on tonight at 8pm if you want to join for support. :)

  5. Go on Jo - you can do it you fellow spend-ban-girl! I still remember that pic on Twitter of your vast make-up collection - made me chuckle and gasp all at once! xx

  6. Hi I heard a few other bloggers talking about this, I'm not taking part as well i be a sore loser!! I tried it last year and lasted 1 day. Oops!
    Good luck and i will be back to see your progress.

  7. Yea I am doing it too! Mine will start tomorrow!

  8. I could almost smell them! :)

  9. That message was for the Lush post! He he he, think I wrote it on the wrong one. x