Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lush Sale Haul

Now that I am on 100 day spending ban I have finally opened the goodies that I bought in the Christmas sales! I kept them to open to ease the pain of no spending!

These are all the goodies I bought in Lush.
I wanted soaps more than bath bombs as I still have quite a few bath bombs to use up and I have really liked the soaps I have used so far from Lush so managed to get gift sets that contained mostly soap!
Winter Wonderland gift set £6.95 but half price in the sale, contains;
45g Dream Cream Lotion
70g Snowcake Soap
The dream cream is has quite a thick consistency and will be great for dry patches.  It is the number 1 selling Lush product worldwide, so must be good!
Snowcake soap is gorgeous, it smells of marzipan.  It feels quite moisturising on my skin and I could smell the scent for a few hours after my shower. 
....had a very shiny nose gift set £12.50 but again half price in the sale.  It contains;
100g Snow Globe Soap
100g North Pole Soap
100g Northern Lights Soap
Snow Globe contains lemon myrtle and grapefruit so smells quite refreshing - I think this may be more of a spring scent.
North Pole is peppermint and chocolate scented - I can't smell a chocolate scent but can definitely smell the peppermint and it smells good enough to eat! 
Northern Lights is fresh pine, cypress and lime scented.  This soap feels quite sticky compared to the others and I had to peel the packaging wotsit thingies off that had stuck to it.  This is quite strong scented and would definitely wake you up in your morning shower!
Mr Punch soap, again half price so cost me £1.69.
Mr Punch soap contains juniper berries, blackcurrant and lime oil.
It smells sooooo nice! Definitely like a fruity punch!
To prove I didn't break the ban!
I now have enough soap to last me for months!

Did you pick anything up in the Lush sale? What do you think of the Lush soaps?


  1. oh WOW you got loads! Great haul x

  2. Great haul! Lush always has great boxing day sales :)

  3. Wow, you got some great items, I missed out on the lush bargains this year

    1. Ahhh but you got loads of amazing stuff from America!

  4. awesome haul! I missed out on the Lush BOGO sale after the holidays. Only managed to grab a few bath bombs. I was so bummed out.

    1. The sale is always fab isn't it! At least you managed to grab a few bath bombs. Hope you manage to get lots of goodies in next years sale!

  5. Love Lush so much! Would have loved to hit it up at sale time but am cuuutting back, which sucks! Soon :)

  6. great buys! I think the Mr Punch soap sounds just my cup of tea. Sadly although I go to Lush a couple of months ago it's a bit far for me to get to regularly :( But every time I am near on I go in, even if it's only for a smell of the place :)
    Angela x

  7. i love the idea of keeping some stuff behind to ease the pain :) I have never had a lush gift set so really enjoyed this post about these ones. fab x

  8. I've got my eyes on the Dream Cream - after my own spend ban of course! xx

  9. This makes me want to go to Lush and spend all my money, argh!

  10. They look awesome! I love Lush soaps xx

  11. 100 day spending ban? I don't think I would last. On the other hand, your Lush goodies look amaze. Which reminds me that I should probably stop by their store.