Sunday, 14 October 2012

Meet Henry!

Today's post is a little bit different from what you would normally find on my blog but I love reading posts from other bloggers about their pets, homes etc so I thought I would introduce you all to Henry. 

Henry was born in June 2007 and came to live with us in June 2009.  We had sadly had to have our border collie Laddie put to sleep a couple of months before, we missed having a dog around and the house felt so empty so we started looking for a dog to re-home.  We got Laddie from a rescue home and he lived with us for 9 years, Jon and I both had dogs when we lived with our parents.  However, having a dalmatian is a completely different experience!
This was taken the week we bought Henry home.
Henrys full name is Dotty Maxamillion.
We call him Henny Henny Roo which he answers to!
Henrys owner could no longer cope with him as she lives on National Trust land and he kept chasing the sheep! She decided to send him on a sheep dog training course (??!) but he came back from the training and was just the same.  After receiving a letter from the National Trust complaining that they were not happy with his behaviour she decided to find him a new loving home and so Henry came to live with us.
Now he may look cute but he is full of mischief!
He can open doors in the house by jumping up and pushing down on the handle, he then uses his paw to open the door.
When he really wants to he can open the fridge - much to our families amusement at the last family BBQ where he ran round with a packet of sausages in his mouth that he had stolen!
He loves Jon and always has to be sat by him or touching him! He thinks he is a small dog and tries to sit on Jons knee.
He is not allowed on the sofas but if he wants to do something he will, doesn't matter how many times you tell him NO eventually he will get what he wants - as I have found out with my hairbrushes.
At night he sneaks onto the sofa arranges the cushions as pillows and gets himself comfy.
Dalmatians shed continually, so every single morning I tell him off for being on the sofa and have to hoover the sofa and cushions!
Curtis did this to him but Henry just stayed asleep!
Watching for Curtis coming down the stairs so they can play!
I know I am not supposed to be on the sofa but if I don't make eye contact I can pretend I don't hear you....
Henry also eats things he really shouldn't do - lipsticks, hairbrushes, door stops, toilet rolls which he spits into tiny bits on the rug, eyes and noses from Curtis' soft toys.  He also steals things that he wants including boxes of chocolates, numerous blocks of cheese which he hides in his bed, a teeth whitening kit, bingo marker pens you name it!
He has loads of toys that he loves and he likes to carry his teddies around with him.

He needs lots of exercise and our house backs onto woodland and we have lots of fields by our house so he gets plenty of runs, we just have to keep an eye out for sheep!
Night, night Hen.

Hope you all enjoyed meeting Henry and if you are thinking of getting a Dalmatian you may want to think again ;)


  1. Love this post! Henry is gorgeous x

  2. What a gorgeous dog. He sounds like a right cheeky chap! xx

  3. He sounds so cheeky and sweet! Xxx

  4. Henry is sooo cute!! He sounds like my Dalmatian that passed away a couple of years ago. They are a lot of hard work but are super cute and just lovely. The one thing that used to drive me crazy though was the hair. It get everywhere. Thanks for sharing, I love pet posts. x

  5. Such a beautiful Dalmation! I love my doggy, he's a yorkshire terrier and he's so mental!


  6. Oh my, Henry Henry Roo is just beautiful, those floppy ears. We have a jack russel cross and he sleeps in exactly the same position as Henry!x

  7. Thanks for sending me your link! I'm already following :) Love the dog, so cute! hope you'll check my blog & join my give-away if you like!

  8. Ah Jo he's lovely and a real character by the sounds of it, funny how each dog has their own little habits good and bad! Love the 'not making eye contact so I can pretend I don't hear you' just like a man! xx

  9. O my god he is adorable! He sounds like a bundle of fun if not a handful, but I agree with you a house is empty without a dog :D Lovely blog, now following xx


  10. Wow, beautiful dalmation!

  11. Nawww what a gorgeous baby! I love the photo of him on the top part of the couch hahaha! :-)

  12. Awww thank you everybody for all the lovely comments, Henry does seem very popular! I will keep you updated with his naughty behaviour!

  13. OMG Henry is so cute!!! I have a little dog too, mine is a yorkshire terrier.

    I'll join your site, your posts seem really interesting!

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  15. Loved this. I was chuckling the entire time because it reminded me so much my cat Russell. Especially the "if I don't make I contact I can't hear you" part! Pretty dog, I'm sure he keeps you all on your toes.