Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fairy Secrets Moisturising Lotion Candle Review

This was the item I was most excited to try from the Buzzsoc box I received earlier this month, you can read about the rest of the box here.  I had quite a few comments on my Buzzsoc post asking about it, so it's certainly an intriguing product and is nothing like anything I have ever tried before!
The candle that I picked is in the scent Euphoria.  It is a small 113gm candle and retails for £10.95 on Fairy Secrets website.  It is heavily fragranced without being overpowering.
This fragrance speaks to women who embrace sensuality and fantasy. A provocative blend of pomegranate, persimmon, green notes, black orchid, lotus blossom, liquid amber, mahogany woods, black violet, and a cream accord.
To use, simply light the candle and let it burn until a full pool forms.  Extinguish the flame, dip your fingertip into the melted pool of lotion and massage into skin.
I lit the candle for about 15-20 minutes, it seemed to melt slightly quicker than an ordinary wax candle so there was soon a pool of melted lotion.  I found the fragrance quite relaxing and soothing, it is beautifully scented and filled my lounge.
The lotion is quite liquid at the top but as you put your finger in it picks up some thicker lotion where it is starting to melt underneath the liquid.  This gives the lotion quite a thick, creamy feel.  The lotion is not hot and it doesn't burn or hurt your finger it is just warm.
I put the lotion on my arm and rubbed it in, as the lotion is quite thick it did take a few minutes before it absorbed but it left my skin super smooth! The lotion is made from 100% natural ingredients and contains pure USA soya, shea butter from Africa, aloe vera, virgin olive oil, jojoba, coconut oil and essential oils.

In my opinion this definitely feels like a pampering product rather than something you would use everyday. I could imagine having this lit while I soaked in the bath with a good book then using the lotion when I got out.  I wouldn't use it on my arms again, I think it would be better for dry areas like elbows and feet.  It feels quite soothing when it is applied and I get very dry shins in the winter (nice eh!) so I am definitely going to see if this soothes and moisturises them.  I don't think I would repurchase this product for myself but I would be pleased to receive it as a gift and I would purchase them for other people - I think it would make a fantastic and unusual present!

Have you ever tried a moisturising candle? Do you think you would purchase one?


  1. I've had a massage with one of these candles before it was gorgeous! x

    1. Yes! That's what I mean, it's definitely a pampering product. I want a massage with it now. Jon....!

  2. I had the peach one in mine, looking forward to trying it out!

  3. I'd love to try this! I've never heard of the box you got it in either so will definitely have to check that out! xx
    Claire xx

  4. Oh my word!

    Never knew about this! Definitely love the concept of it and would be perfect for the cold months. Heat also helps absorb the lotion. Bloody brilliant idea! xo

  5. oooooo wish they had these when i put my order in, but looks fantastic :)

  6. This sounds great! I've just signed up to Buzzsoc but no candles in at the minute!

  7. I've never come across anything like this before! like you said, it sounds more like a luxury item rather than a daily moisturiser but sounds lovely! I'd like to use candles more, I think!

  8. Been buying them for years,paradise is the best one

  9. wow, that's pretty cool. Sadly, by the time I got my buzzsoc box, candles have sold out. It sounds intriguing.

  10. What an interesting concept! I would definitely buy it if it was avaliable in my country.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  11. I was given one of these as a gift and I loved it. I had dragon's blood and loved the smell( which lingered for days :-) ) these are perfect for dry skin and massages. I will definitely be buying another for myself :-) x x