Monday, 24 September 2012

September Joliebox Review

My September Joliebox arrived on Saturday, it doesn't seem very long ago that we got the August box as it was delayed due to the Summer holidays.

Apologies that the pics are a little dark today, we have had torrential rain all day - lots of the roads are flooded and the sky is dark and grey, very miserable!
A nice blue box, think these must be left over boxes from August!
This months theme is Runway Ready - London Fashion Week
Balmi lip balm in Blackcurrant
This is a full size product and retails for £4.99 at Boots
The balm contains SPF 15 which is really handy in a lip product. The balm is a lot smaller than I thought it would be but it applies smoothly and feels quite moisturising.
I Love...Mango Face Mask
This is a full size 15ml product, I can't find a price for this online as it is in the Whats' New section on their website but I am guessing it would be no more than £1.
Redken Align 12 Protective Straight Lotion
This is a 30ml tube, 150ml retails for £15.15 here making the sample worth £3.03
Two Twistband Hair Ties
I can't find these for sale in the UK, but they retail for $2 each here, making the pair worth approx £2.50
Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant 
2 small samples, no quantity marked on the sachets.  Joliebox class these as an extra.

Ok so Joliebox have had some unhappy customers this month judging by some of the comments on their Facebook page, yes I think that the box is definitely one of the lowest value boxes that we have received BUT I judge a successful box not on the value of the contents but on whether or not I would use them and I would use everything in this box.

So, for me this is another good box from Joliebox!

Did you get this box? What did you think?


  1. I loved it!! Also got so susan face palette. My 1st joliebox! Will do again xxx

    1. I got the So Susan palette last month, I think it's fab that Joliebox give new subscribers a little extra :) xx

  2. I hated my box, the worst one yet. The balms are very chemicaly to me.x

    1. Oh no! I do agree that I probably wouldn't buy another balmi, I'm going to do a review with my EOS balm x

  3. Replies
    1. I really like mine too, although I do understand why some people are annoyed. I've not had a Joliebox yet that I didn't like! x

  4. I think if you look at the new latest in beauty editors box you will see how much of a rip off this Joliebox was. It was half empty and What idoit would pay £2 for a piece of coloured elastic tied with a knot!

    1. I have ordered the LIB box and I can see why people were disappointed in the value of this months box, but I will use everything in it and to be that is a good box xx

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  6. I really need to sign up for one of these boxes! I love the look of those lip balms!! What do you think of it??

    Thanks for commenting on and following my blog :) I reaaaally appreciate it!!

    I've just followed you back, Love your posts!

    Hollie xx

    1. Thanks Hollie :)

      I'm going to do a review with my EOS balm x

  7. Oh that's disappointing, so many beauty boxes are letting people down lately it's putting me off signing up! I was hoping the Balmi balms would be good equivalents for EOS, it's a shame they're not, especially as blackcurrant's my favourite! xx

  8. Joliebox looks amazing can't wait to subscribe! xx