Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Birthday Presents!

Well I'm another year older and I have had a week of celebrations! They started last Friday with a birthday meal and drinks with my friends and two of my sisters then I went to see Lady Gaga on Tuesday in Manchester with my best friend Vicki and it was the most incredible concert I have ever been to, truly unforgettable the whole arena danced none stop and the atmosphere was unbelievable.  We stayed over in a lovely apartment, did a bit of shopping, had a yummy lunch at the Hard Rock cafe and did quite a bit of drinking!

Jon took me out for lunch at the Blackhouse Grill in Chester and treated me to a day of shopping, which in typical style I couldn't find anything I liked - so I have saved my birthday money until I decide how to spend it!

I was absolutely spoilt rotten by my lovely friends, they actually made me cry because I was so overwhelmed!
Caroline from Musings of a Beauty Addict Mum sent me this- I knew it was from her as soon as I opened the box! She makes fantastic cakes and I cannot bake so this is going to come in really handy and maybe I will be able to bake a cake that actually gets eaten and not thrown in the bin!
I got these goodies from Karen memoriesmadeinsilver and Wendy. The magnet made me laugh because it's so true! The perfume smells lovely and the varnishes are so sparkly! 
I'm going to use the bath bomb tonight and the magnet is going on the fridge.
These are from the lovely Sandra over at Beauty_Balm. Gielly Green is an exclusive London hair boutique and I can't wait to use the hair mask!!
Nardin from Live Laugh Love sent me this gorgeous hot pink case, which would have been more than enough on it's own as it's a perfect size to use as a travel case and it's pink which is my favourite colour. She wrote on the label not to open until my birthday so my son hid it away so I wasn't tempted to look inside as I could tell it was really heavy! Look at all these fabby goodies, she is actually really naughty doing this but I'll get her back ;) Can't wait to start using everything!
I got this lovely snood from my friend Lissa, I don't think you can see on the pic but it has a silver shimmer running through. It'll keep me nice and toasty now that Autumn is setting in.
These are from my assistant Lucinda, L-R Pompeii Purple, Princesses Rule! (Has to be the best name EVER for a nail polish) and Westminster. I'm painting my nails with these tonight, I just need to decide which one!
These are from Vicki, the book is a jewellery case.  Look at those unicorn earrings! I put them in as soon as I opened them and wore them for the rest of the day. The bird cage necklace is beautiful and she said she knew it was the right present to get me as when she picked it up in the shop Lady Gaga came on!
These are from my friend Micah, the bottle stop says Blind Drunk! She bought me three bunches of flowers so my lounge looks really pretty and colourful!
Curtis got me a book charm for my pandora bracelet - I can't take a pic of it though as it's too small! Jon and I watched The Hunger Games film and I really liked it so I can't wait to read the books. The Lady Gaga perfume is really nice and you can't beat a bit of studded leopard print!

I was so spoilt! I got birthday money too from my Dad, Stepmum and my in-laws which I have bought a Thomas Sabo bracelet with and my sisters have clubbed together to get me a charm for it :) Just waiting for it them to arrive now.

I just need to decide what to spend the rest of my birthday money on! More Real Technique brushes, a leather jacket or wait for the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection? Decisions, Decisions!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I love every single one of my presents and I got some beautiful cards too.  Some very funny ones, some very personal ones and a fantastic homemade one - yes I'm looking at you Karen! Sparkly pink and a fairy, perfect.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the loveliest friends a girl could have, I am very lucky and I'm sending you all big thank you hugs xx


  1. lovely gifts! enjoy huni.... p.s. NO you will NOT get me back haha! <3 luvs ya reallly! xxxx

  2. Aw that pink travel case full of goodies is such a lovely thing to do, bet that was a nice surprise! That Pilgrim birdcage necklace is adorable, I want!! Hope you had a lovely birthday :) xx

    1. It was a lovely surprise, all the presents from my lovely friends were :)
      Oh thank you Hannah I had a lovely time!
      Yes it's gorgeous isn't it, can't wait to wear it x

  3. Wow I love that pink travel case! And the leopard print pumps! Hope you had a lovely birthday! :)

    1. It's fab isn't it! I love hot pink.
      I had a lovely birthday, thank you. The pumps are ace and I have found if I get wide fit in New Look then I can go down a shoe size ;)
      You have a lovely blog and I'm now following x

  4. Replies
    1. I certainly did! I was so spoilt. Thank you so much for your lovely gift xx

  5. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from Sunglasses Shop if you'd like to check it out! xx

  6. love this! and love the blog, girl! keep it up!

    love, rach.

  7. Wow! You got so many lovely things, plenty to do reviews on also, will be looking out for them :D


    1. My blogging pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger! x