Saturday, 20 October 2012

Joliebox October 2012

My Joliebox arrived last night, the theme of this months box is Pure and Natural.

Back to the black box this month.
The bag inside the box was really full this month and it is nice to receive two full size products. However......
Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser
10ml sample size, 50ml retails for £24 on their website making the sample worth £4.80.
I was so disappointed to see a Balance Me product in the box, I have had so many products from this brand...
Facewash as a freebie in Glamour Magazine - here
Eye Cream in Lux Box - here
Hand Cream in She Said Beauty - here
I have also had the body wash, lip salve and lip balm!
LOV Organic Herbal Tea Bags
The box contains 6 teabags containing a mix of white and green tea.
100g of this loose tea costs £10.70 on their website
20 teabags retail for £8.75 making the 6 bags worth £2.63
Personally I don't like receiving teabags in my beauty boxes! It would have been nice as a little extra but I don't think it fits under the definition of a beauty sample?!
You can use the code JOLIELOV for free UK shipping and a free miniature pack of teabags.
JASON Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick
The first full size product in the box, this retails for £2.49 here.
This smells nice as it contains peppermint leaf oil and it feels quite moisturing but I have so many lip balms to use up that this will probably get chucked in a drawer somewhere waiting to be used up.
MOA The Green Balm
Sample size but doesn't say how much the tub contains.
Again a product that I have had twice before in beauty boxes! I received it in one of my Lux boxes and in a Latest in Beauty box.
I haven't used both of the other samples yet!
Ritessens Cleanser
The second full size product, I can't find any websites that sell this in the UK or find the price anywhere on the internet!
This is the best product in the box, although I am being careful not to try too many new products on my face at the moment as a lot of products are breaking me out.  As the tube is sealed I will stash this until my skin is behaving!

Overall I am not impressed at all with this box, Joliebox have been my favourite subscription box for months now and the only box I have on subscription now.  This is the first box that I have been disappointed with, I want to discover new products that is why I subscribe! I do not want to receive products that have been in other beauty boxes or given away as freebies with magazines.

Joliebox have always been the box that don't have the same brands that have been featured in other boxes so maybe that is why I am so disappointed in this box.  I hope next months is much better or that might well be the end of subscription boxes for me......

Did you get this box? What did you think?


  1. Apart from the BM I quite liked this box! I wouldn't normally like tea as a product but as they normally only put 4 in anyway so I see it as an extra x

    1. Really?! I think this is the worst JB we have had :(

  2. I un-subbed and this is the first box I haven't had, seeing this post I don't regret cancelling at all x

    1. I think I am going to unsub, I have so much stuff that needs using up!

  3. hmmmm wonder where I can get that here...

    Following you now on GFC, hope you follow back :)

    1. I'm not sure where it is available, maybe you could email them? x

  4. Im still waiting for my box. But having said that,im very disappointed.
    The green moa balm ive had before,used some on a burn i had. And of course the balm me ive had several products from them before. And the tea, im not a tea drinker so will give that to a family member. Just hope the she said beauty box is better.

    1. I have unsubbed from She Said too and seeing the reviews for October I'm glad I have. I much prefer Betrousse and LIB now, think I have so much stuff that I need to see what I am getting!!

  5. I've always wanted to get one of these "makeup sample box" delivery things, but when I read other people's posts about what they receive I can't imagine liking them enough. I prefer makeup samples, instead of all the body washes/face washes/lip balms/balms, etc. It seems like there is minimal makeup samples. But for a few bucks a month it would be fun to get a little package with new stuff, so I'm torn :)

    1. Joliebox has always been more skincare based but some of the other boxes do include makeup but I don't think makeup is featured as heavily as it used to be in the boxes which I think is a shame, I try not too use too many different products on my face so I would love a box with just makeup in!

  6. I'm the same as Alicia (above), I'd rather just get make-up with boxes like these but I can't find any company that does just that. I was really disappointed with the glossyboxes I received in the past and would much rather spend my money on something I KNOW I'll like.

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

    1. I would love it if there was a beauty box just full of make-up, hopefully one of the companies will pick up on the demand!

  7. This sounds interesting. We don't have beauty boxes in my country but I would also love if there was a bit more makeup in them. From what I see on the Internet there is more skincare (that's great too). And of course I don't think they should put Nars or MAC in it maybe some unknown but good brands. :)x