Thursday, 11 October 2012

Stylfile Review

I actually got this in my July She Said Beauty box (review here) and it was the product I was most excited about getting in my box.  The Stylfile was invented by Tom Pellereau who was the winner of 2011's The Apprentice TV show.  It was marketed as the must-have beauty accessory for 2012. 

The Stylfile collection is a range of nail files designed with a unique curved shape that follows the natural shape of the nail. 
Made up of of three different file types, the new Stylfile collection makes filing easy, allowing you to have gorgeous nails in no time at all. The curved shape of the S-file, S-buffer and Emergency file makes filing either hand simple and means messy and uneven nails are a thing of the past.
The file is well packaged in plastic which can be reused to store the file.
The back of the packaging has clear instructions both written and with easy to follow pictures, it also tells you why Tom invented a nail file. 
Watching my sister file her nails one day, I hit upon the idea of a curved file. The curve of the S-file follows the nails’ natural shape, making it easy to achieve a great-looking finish, even when using your ‘other’ or non- dominant hand. As an engineer I've specially selected the abrasive to be long lasting - the S-file lasts up to 12 months*.
The file itself is quite long, the black and pink look nice together.  One surface is used to shape and the other side used to smooth.
Oh wiggly!
I actually found it really difficult to file my nails with it! 
I like my nails shaped quite squarish with rounded off edges and I found it impossible to shape them this way with this file so I went for a more "traditional" rounded nail shape.  
I found it very difficult to file the nails on my right hand and gave up a few times! 
The file is said to have a 12 month life but I could feel the difference in the roughness of the grit after one use.
These are my nails filed and painted, I don't really like the shape at all but I do have to say that they seemed to grow a lot longer when I filed them this shape and they didn't catch or snap as much as usual so that is definitely a positive.

I personally didn't like this product and I wouldn't repurchase it, I gave the file to my sister who has only just started taking an interest in doing her nails and she really likes it and finds it easy to use, so it might be the user rather than the file!

I think for the price I would rather spend £10-£15 on a glass/crystal nail file that has a lifetime guarantee.

If you did want to purchase one they cost £4.49 from the Stylfile website.

Have you tried this file? Any recommendations for a good file?

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  1. I got one of these free from a rep at work and I don't get on with it either, I find it so awkward to use!


    Five Minute Style 

  2. I need that RIGHT NOW. I have a little sensitive part of my nail that needs to be filed off. Ouchy. NEED. Great post.

  3. This is definitely an interesting idea but not sure if it's necessary. I just use a nail file from Superdrug, cheap and just as effective. Nice review though, and I think your nails look lovely :) xx

    Beauty In My Mind - Cosmetics Reviews

    1. I agree, I would rather pay £1 for a pack of files. Oh thank you! x

  4. I remember seeing this on the Apprentice!
    I would still like to give it a go, might ask for Christmas :)

    1. Definitely worth having a go, it seems to be a love it or hate it type of product!

  5. I agree, also found it difficult to get anything other than the rounded shape, which I don't usually go for. Just prefer my Boots own straight file but if I had to have something top-notch I'd also go for a crystal file. x

    1. I think it would be really hard to get any other shape, I think I am going to ask Santa for a crystal file ;)