Sunday, 9 December 2012

Clothes Show 2012 Platinum Goody Bag

So I'm going to start by doing something that I don't really like to see on other blogs! That is apologising for not posting for a while. My poor little blog has been well and truly neglected over the past few weeks so thanks for still following me and hopefully normal service will be resumed now! It's my busiest time of year in work, the lighting is terrible before and after work for photo taking, all the preparations for Christmas take up a lot of time and I've been busy with something else that I can hopefully tell you about next weekend! Not excuses but valid reasons I hope!

Anyway, yesterday I went to the Clothes Show for the very first time.  I went with my best friend Vicki and Caroline from Musings of a Beauty Addict Mum.  We had platinum tickets and had seats for the first show of the day at 10am so it was a very early start from North Wales for myself and Vicki.  We picked Caroline up on the way who kindly supplied me with a much needed coffee.  We arrived at the NEC in perfect time, the car park fee of £10 seemed very steep to me though!
We had brilliant seats a few rows from the front.
Perfect view!
Lots of scene changes and dancing
The pics were taken on my iphone so don't want to put loads on my blog as the picture quality is not that good.
As we had platinum tickets we got goody bags, which were made up of
a show guide - which includes maps of where the stalls are, demonstration show times etc.
a lanyard and a wristband.  The wristband could be shown at a few select stalls to get discount of 5-10%
These are the contents of the goody bag.
There was also a bounty but I ate that watching the fashion show!
I was a bit disappointed with the goody bag, especially as that was part of the reason that we bought platinum tickets.
On the way out they were giving out free goody bags that contained the same as the platinum bags (without the showguide, lanyard and wristband).  As we had platinum tickets we got an extra 2 bags (!!) so we ended up with three bags with identical contents!
One of the demonstrations of the day was by Rachel Wood, Benefit make-up artist.
Vicki shot her hand up for a make over and was picked to go up on stage and have her makeup done by Rachel.  She got a goody bag with a full size Sunbeam and They're Real mascara.
I got these Elemis wipes worth £6 for free as I signed up to the Elemis mailing list.
My purchase of the day!
Leather studded River Island gloves for £10, these are still on sale instore and online for £30.

I bought a few goody bags too but I will post about them separately otherwise this will be a massive blog post!

I had a lovely girly day out, it was quite different than I thought it would be though.  A lot of the clothes stalls had the same clothes on and I didn't see anything that caught my eye really.  The beauty hall was good but was missing stalls from some of the brands I would have liked to see such as Benefit, Illamasqua, MUA etc.

Did you go this year, what did you think?


  1. Those gloves are gorgeous. I'm very hit and miss with leather gloves, they remind me of Midsummer Murders :P

  2. They are so nice! I love leather gloves :)

    I'm sure Caroline and I saw you yesterday but you had gone by the time we turned around to say hello!

  3. I loved your Gloves, they where definatly a find! Thank you so much for picking me up

    1. They were a brilliant find :) Can't wait to see all your blog posts on your huge haul!

      No problem, glad you had a good day xx

  4. Replies
    1. Had a lovely day, hopefully you can come with us next year :) x

  5. Very jealous, looks like you had lots of fun. The bag isn't amazing but if you got 3 then that makes up for it LOL! Love the gloves.



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. We did have lots of fun, you will have to come with us next year! LOL yeah I suppose so! The gloves are fabulous, I am made up with them :)

  6. This looks like a really fun day and I definitely want to go sometime!
    Shame about the goodybag though :(

    1. You should definitely try and arrange a girls day out, make sure you save up some pennies before you go ;)

      I was so disappointed with the bag, I thought it would be full of fabulous items!

  7. Free elemis just for signing up to the maling list?! Done deal! I agree that the goody bag could have been a lot better though... where's the premium samples? ;)

    Great post!

    1. Yeah, fab right you have to love a freebie! Exactly ;) x

  8. ee we had plantnum tickets to we had disabled seat as my freind is in a wheelchair very disaponted our bags had none of you had in we had the book the band a pkt of kp snacks some deodrant nailfile femfresh wait for it catbiscuits my friend was so upset .bbut thr catwalk show was fab x