Friday, 28 December 2012

Joliebox December 2012

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a great Christmas! I've had a fantastic time with my friends and family and been very spoilt. I also hit the sales yesterday so will do a few posts over the next week showing you the bargains I managed to pick up.

I received my December Joliebox before Christmas but with all the Christmas festivities I am only just getting round to reviewing it.
The box has a pretty white and gold pattern and the bag inside is white with gold writing.
The theme for this months box is Party.
My first impression when I opened the box was one of disappointment, nothing in the box apart from the nail varnish and chocolate that caught me eye, unlike this months Glossybox - review here.  Also a few items that I have had in previous beauty boxes.
Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Cadence
This is a pretty moss green colour, a full size item that retails for £5.49 here.
I have already received a couple of these powders in previous boxes - a Feel Unique Box and a She Said Beauty box.  Luckily they are different shades but it isn't very exciting to find a third one in a beauty box.
Doctor Duve Hand & Decollette Cream
Two sample size sachets, I don't know how much these contain but I would guess at around 5ml - it doesn't state the amount on the sachet just that they are not for resale samples.
200ml retails for a whopping £79 making the samples worth approx. £3.95 if they contain 5ml each.
I really don't like sachet samples, I think they are messy to use and that you can't determine whether or not a product is any good from a couple of uses - especially to then spend £79 on the full size.
I Love...Cosmetics Shimmer and Shine Lip Gloss
Full size item retails at £4.95 here.
Ok positive first this does smell yummy and it is a pretty colour, negative I stopped wearing glosses like this when I was 14! They sell these in my local Asda!
I will pass this on to my niece as I'm sure she will appreciate it!
Agua De Colonia Concentrada Alvarez Gomez
This is a 1.5ml sample, 50ml retails for £5.70 here making the sample worth 17p
I like receiving perfume samples in beauty boxes, it is nice to find a new perfume.  This however is Spains oldest perfume a blend of lemon, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and rosemary.  I really don't like the smell at all, will pass this on to my mum!
Color Club Put a Pin in It
Joliebox have said this is a full size item but it contains 7ml and that is the size of Color Club mini polishes.
This is the best item in the box! It is a pretty rose gold colour and was one of two colours designed exclusively for Joliebox.  You can buy it from Joliebox for £10, which is pretty steep for a mini nail varnish!!
Olay Regenerist Skin Cream
This is a 7ml sample, 50ml retails for £9.89 here making the sample worth £1.38.
Joliebox lists this item as a cream but it looks like a serum to me, I don't really know what it is though as there is no english writing on the tube!

I am so disappointed with this months box, only one item (oh and the chocolate!!) that I am excited to try.  

Joliebox was my favourite beauty box once Feel Unique and Carmine went but the last time I was really happy with my Joliebox was July, I feel that the company has really changed - it used to be a lot of niche skincare products now its cheap lip gloss and tiny sachets.

I was also not happy to happy to read other reviews where they received an extra item - honey shower gel or body lotion.  I asked Joliebox about this on Twitter and got no reply, so I emailed them this morning.  Their reply was apologetic but that they sometimes give extra items to new subscribers, however the blog posts I read are from people that have been subscribed as long as I have! I feel if we pay the same amount then we should get the same contents.  Joliebox have offered to add 50 Joliepoints to my account but I feel it's not a good enough explanation - maybe their subscribers would be better subbing and unsubbing every month as their loyalty is not being rewarded.

I have now cancelled my subscription to Joliebox, I said I would give it to the end of the year to see if the boxes would get better but I feel they are getting worse!

Did you get this months box? What did you think?


  1. If you decide you don't want you Bellapierre, let me know!!

    Also I'd be so upset if I received this, I'm glad you've cancelled it!!

  2. I dont subscribe but always read these posts to see if i can be tempted but i seem to find the cons put weigh the pros. Plus i have also noticed well known bloggers and affliates get all the better products where as i find smaller blogs get the crap you wouldnt want. As i dont blog i doubt it is worth my time! Glossy box did seem good this month but it was long overdue as the last few have been pretty rubbish in my opinion!

    Steph x

  3. I subscribed to Glossy Box about a year ago and I cancelled my subscription after the first month, I was so dissapointed with the products and I thought that it was not worth the 11 pound that I spent. Since then, I love some products that those boxes have, but overall I would never subscribe to one of them again, unless I found one is really worth it - so far from other bloggers' posts none of them has impressed me that much!

  4. I would have been dissapointed with this too Jo. Glad I cancelled a good while ago now.



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