Sunday, 30 December 2012

All Things Nails. Secret Swap!

We recently did a secret swap on the Facebook nails page All Things Nails. the budget was £10 (although as you can see my swapper went WAY over!).

Look at all these fabulous goodies she sent me! She did also send me a selection box and some gold chocolate coins too but unfortunately they didn't last long enough to make it into the photos!
 Lush Sandy Santa sugar scrub, it contains orange, rosewood and sandalwood oils so smells gorgeous!
Lush Snow Fairy shower gel.  Pink glittery and smells of candy floss and pear drops.
 Yankee Candles in Christmas Cookie and Cherries on Snow, both smell good enough to eat!
 Vaseline Hand Cream - my hands get very dry in winter so this is perfect to keep on my desk in work.  I really like how it helps strengthen nails too.
 Festive Foils and 3D Stickers
 GOSH Gasoline
A gorgeous purple based shimmer. 
 Austrails Sin City
Black with a silver shimmer.
  Up Colors Flocado Banho de Mar
A light green jelly with blue and green flakies. 
 Loki's Laquer Merry Christmas!
Clear base with red, green and gold glitter.
 Chit Chat Violet
Clear base with purple glitter.
Enchanted Polish Don't Ever Call me Doll
Pink jelly with lots of different size and colour glitter.
This is my favourite polish in the swap, I love pink sparkly things so this is my perfect polish!

My secret swapper was the lovely Kelly and I'd like to say a big thank you again to her as this is an amazing swap. Thank you Kelly!

Feel free to join the All Things Nails. page on Facebook for a friendly place to show off you nails, hauls, ask advice or just chat.


  1. Wow, you got some great stuff! Cherries on snow and Christmas cookie are my fave Christmas scents :) gem x

  2. Awesome package!

  3. My goodness that's a lot for £10! I know someone else that likes to go over budget :-P



    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. Yeah I think she may have gone a little over budget ;) I have no idea who you are talking about??!

  4. love swaps! you got good stuff

  5. What a fabulous swap, makes me wish I could have participated, but I had neither the time nor the funds :( Did you find out who it was from eventually? xx

    1. Hopefully we will arrange another one in the new year :) Yes it was from Kelly! x

  6. Wow you got some lovely things! Lucky you! I'm looking forward to seeing the nail varnishes on :D Hope you have a happy New Year x


  7. Wow what a fab idea...lovely polishes x

  8. ahhh! Yankee candles yum!!! Love the glitters too! xxx