Saturday, 2 February 2013

Spending Ban Update Number 1

Hi All, can you believe it's February already! The weeks are flying by!

So I have been on my 100 day spending ban since 15th January so today is day number 19 and so far so good.

My spends so far;

We went out for Vicki's birthday, we went to a lovely Italian restaurant last Friday in Chester called La Fattoria.  The food was excellent but we all had to leave after less than two hours because there was a blizzard! I was driving and it took so long to drive home but at least we all got back safely even if my friend did have to walk home in bare feet as my car couldn't get up in the hill and she couldn't walk in her heels!

I have bought Jon Dead Space 3 for his PS3 for Valentines day and he has bought me the Glinda Urban Decay palette - SO excited! He is doing really well on the ban too he hasn't spent any money either!

I had physio this week at the hospital and one of the things they said is no heels, I have to wear flat shoes so I ordered some flat boots from Kurt Geiger using the £25 gift card that came with my Elle magazine subscription as I don't have any flat boots suitable for work.  However they arrived yesterday and they look awful on me so hubby has just been to the post office to send them back.

I am actually really enjoying the spending ban so far.  I have paid some of my credit card off and I am finding products in my stash that I have bought and not used that I am enjoying using up.  I have avoided the shops though so far! I am going to need some flat shoes/boots though over the next few weeks and definitely some maternity clothes as the bump seems to have sprouted over the past week or so and the baby is now kicking me quite a lot!


  1. This is what I need to do xx

  2. I am also enjoying using products I already have, hopefully a huge chunk of my stash will be used over the ban period x

  3. You've done really well so far! good luck finding the right boots! (I have a terrible time finding shoes that I both like and are suitable for what I need them for!)

  4. Congrats! You're doing really well so far :)

  5. Ha ha. This is great. My wife and I are on a spending ban as well. Congrats on what you've done so far.

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  7. well done on paying some things off!

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