Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spending Ban Update Number 3

I started my 100 day spending ban on 15th January and it runs until 24th April!

I have been doing so well but on day 64 I caved!! Debenhams had a beauty sale on and I couldn't resist the Urban Decay smoked 24/7 glide on eye pencil set as it was reduced from £26.00 to £16.00! I love the UD liners so before I knew it I was pulling my card from my purse and checking out.  Oops!

Image taken from Google

The set contains liners in L-R


I did also purchase two Biotherm fragrances at the same time as they were half price at £13.00 but they are being returned as soon as the post office opens on Tuesday!
So the damage is not that bad! Although slightly disappointed that I caved before the 100 days, now to just make it to the 24th April....

I haven't been doing want posts as I know if I start looking at lovely things I will want them and cave again so I have been trying not to be swayed!

Hubby has been doing the spending ban with me and he isn't doing too badly, he has bought himself the new Tomb Raider game for his PS3 but apart from that he has been good! He has been taking his old games that he doesn't play anymore and exchanging them for new games.  So as well as saving money he is also decluttering - which I love!

Are you doing a spending ban how are you getting on?


  1. I saw these and wish I grabbed them when I had the chance. I'm pretty sure they're sold out now! :( x

    1. I think they are still in stock! Fingers crossed!

  2. This sale was definitely worth it! I've heard such good stuff about these eye pencils.

  3. I love spending bans! My wife and I tried it but keep falling flat....Never give up tho! ;)