Monday, 10 February 2014

Hello Fresh Meal Review

I wrote a post yesterday about me getting a Hello Fresh box last week for the first time since 2012, I said I would let you know what the meals were like.  These are the first two meals I cooked:
I like the little write ups about the meal and the picture of how it is supposed to look like is a good guide!
The ingredient list is very clear although I do find it weird that they use "cup" measurements as this is more commonly found in American recipes and the UK tends to use grams.  I just presumed that the breadcrumbs etc were the correct amount and used the lot!
Ok the sweet potato is a little overcooked but they tasted delicious and so did the chicken.  I added some coleslaw as the dish was quite dry without a salad dressing or anything so the coleslaw just finished the dish off in my opinion.
Again a write up about the dish.
Again nice clear ingredients list, I used the whole pack of pancetta and a whole carrot as otherwise they would have gone to waste.  I didn't bother weighing them out (ohhh living dangerously!)
I never would have cooked something like this normally but it was absolutely delicious, the crispy pancetta set it off perfectly.

I really liked both of these dishes, the portion sizes are much bigger and so more filling than when we got the boxes back in 2012.  The nutritional information is really handy as I'm trying to lose weight.

I am not sure on the value for money though, each meal is nearly £10 as the box costs £49.00 for 5 meals including delivery...

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