Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hello Fresh Review

Hello Fresh is a company that delivers fresh ingredients to your home along with recipe cards to make delicious home cooked meals!  They do a variety of boxes including vegetarian.

I had a few Hello Fresh boxes back in 2012 (I can't believe it was that long ago!), at the time they had only just launched in the UK so there were a few teething problems.  I had a few deliveries with damaged food packaging, damaged outer box and I thought the portion sizes were quite small.  I was contacted by Hello Fresh with an offer of £15.00 off a box if I renewed my subscription.  They assured me that lots of the problems when they started had now been resolved so I agreed to purchase the 2 person 5 meal classic box, which usually retails at £49.00.  The lady told me that the portions would be suitable for 2-3 people.
The boxes are delivered by courier and a tracking link was emailed to me once the box was collected from Hello Fresh.  I left instructions to leave the box on the front step if I was out which the courier had to do as I was out doing the afternoon school run.
The packaging is much better now, all the cold items were in this insulated bag.  The bag is recyclable.  Previously the cold items were in the box with the rest of the items and the cooling packs were around the outside of the items - this tended to make the outer cardboard box a bit soggy!
The recipe cards are the same virtually the same as before.  They have a little write up about the dish, a clear list of ingredients then step-by-step instructions on the reverse including nice clear pictures of the cooking process.  The little envelope that the cards come in is a nice touch!

They do now include nutritional information which is really helpful - it shows calories, carbs, fat and protein per portion.
These are the cold items we got this week.
This is all the veg, lentils, rice, tins etc

Looks lovely and healthy doesn't it!
The herbs etc are packaged seperately.  The spices have already been measured out, so the quantities are correct for the recipes.
Unfortunately there was damaged packaging on the focaccia bread but I put it in a sandwich bag and it was fine.

I will review each of the 5 dishes over the week and let you know what we think about them, how easy and accurate the recipes are, portion sizes etc.

Have you had a box from Hello Fresh? You can use my referral code 75ZPXR for £20.00 off your first box here (I do get a credit to my account if you use my code).

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  1. We had problems recently with Hello Fresh, some items substituted for others and a product which was needed for a meal was rotten when we cut through it and we felt some of the recipes were a bit boring. Look forward to your thoughts though x

  2. Really! That's not good at all. I've enjoyed the two meals I have cooked so far from the box but I'm not sure about the cost of the boxes to the recipes...