Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Beautylishious June Bag

Beautylishious is a small newly formed company that works along the same principles as the bigger beauty box companies.

There is no recurring subscription and you can buy as she opens the orders for the next month, the bags are limited to 20 so if you like what you see you have to be fast before they sell out - I've just gone to order the July's bag as I am so impressed with this one and she has already sold out.

The bags cost £12 including postage and contain 4-5 sample products.

You can find the payment dates here

The samples arrived in a gorgeous pink reusable woven bag with leopard print tissue paper - pink and leopard print is one of my all time favourite colour combinations so I'm in love before I've opened the bag!

A cute little silver charm is attached to the ribbon.

Full size bottle of Body Shop Beautifying Oil - these come in a few different scents and I got chocomania.  Smells sooooo nice.

Its a dry oil that can be used on your body, face and hair. This is a brand new Body Shop product and I'm looking forward to trying it on my hair.

This retails at £9

Next up is a 1.2ml sample of Sarah Jessica Parker's Pure Bloom Perfume.

Oh wow! I sprayed a bit of this on my arm and I can't stop smelling it. I think I've found my summer perfume! Plus looked online and I can pick up a 50ml bottle for around £15.

Third product is a handmade English Rose soap, can you see the little rose buds peeking out the top of the soap?

This looks too nice to use!

The soap is made by lilac thyme soap company

Fourth and fifth products are handmade bath creamers.

Again these smell lovely!

They are made by Bomb Cosmetics

I love every single thing in this beauty bag, I think the handmade items really make Beautylishious that bit different from the big companies beauty boxes.

I think if she keeps putting unusual items like these in the bags then shes on to a winner!

I will definitely be buying more bags in the future and I'm not happy I missed out on Julys!

Have you had a Beautylishious bag? 

What do you think of the items I got?


  1. This looks lovely! I'm excited to see the company develop :) x

    1. Me too, I think shes on to a good thing if she keeps putting handmade products in as the big companies never put anything like that in their boxes so shes not competing directly x

  2. This bag looks great - all products which you can use and fab value. Will look forward to your review of the Body Shop Beautifying Oil (I'm also looking forward to the body mists coming out in July - they sound lush) x

    1. I'm going to try it on my hair tonight I'll let you know what its like - I'm scared my hair will smell of chocolate though which will mean I'll keep getting wafts throughout the day and I'll want chocolate and I'm on a diet!

  3. I wish I got this bag it looks amazing, I would have used everything in it!! Well done Harriette!!




    1. So good isn't it! I can't believe I missed out on Julys bag :(

  4. Looks really good :) SJP perfume is often on offer in Boots aswell :)

  5. I had this bag and loved everything, especially the oil love love love the smell and a little goes a long way.
    Have you tried emailing her Jo, Harriette may have a spare bag for July I know when Lucy missed out she managed to send her one, may be worth asking xx

    1. Thanks Karen! Will message her right this second! x

  6. This looks lovely. The packaging and the products are great! I wish I could justify another monthly box/bag x

    1. I have cancelled a few of the boxes now and will definitely be getting this one again. I have used everything in it and I can't remember the last time I said that about a beauty box!

      I think its actually my favourite box/bag! x

  7. Very nice review, thanks :)