Saturday, 16 June 2012

Yankee Candle Haul

Hi everyone, hope you are having a good weekend and not letting all this rain put a dampner on your plans!

My car was booked in for its MOT and Service this morning so while I was waiting I had a wander around the shops.

There's a Birthdays shop with Clinton Cards and Thorntons inside and they have a closing down sale on with everything reduced and today there was an additional 20% off all items.

All the Yankee candles had 20% off then the additional 20% - I can never resist a good bargain!

Citrus Water Medium Jar - it smells really fruity and lemony and I'll burn this in the conservatory when the sun (fingers crossed!) comes out. This size candle burns for 55-75 hours.

£12.49 but with 40% off £7.49

A set of three small jars (L-R) Garden Sage, Fresh Water and Cherry Vanilla.

I'll put the Garden Sage in the Kitchen, Fresh Water in the bathroom and Cherry Vanilla in the lounge.

These all burn for 25-40 hours.

It cost me £7.50 for the set.

Sweet Pea Large Jar - this is my favourite out of all the candles I picked up today.  

I'll be having this for my dressing table :)

This size burns for 100-135 hours!

With the 40% off it cost me £8.99.

Three Bartlett Pear Samplers - these may be small but they burn for up to 15 hours.

I'll be putting these in the kitchen.

For the three it came to £2.68

How pretty is this Yankee Candle holder!

It's from the Summers Day collection.

After the discount it was £3.18

I will be going back for another one of these, they are so pretty!

We have started giving our son pocket money and have told him that every time he saves a certain amount we will give him a £5 bonus! Trying to encourage him to save instead of spend....

He picked this cute dinosaur money box to save his money in.

It has a space on its side where you can put a badge with your name on, we never find anything with his name on so being an 8 year old boy Dynamic & Energetic seemed very fitting! Plus he can write his name on the space provided.

I'm really pleased with all the candles I picked up today, they should last me for months!


  1. I love Yankee Candles, great haul x

  2. I love Yankee Candles, I've got a Macintosh tart burning at the moment - it smells just like fresh apples! Also love the money box, very cute :) x

  3. omg yankee candle holder is sooooo cute!!! great haul x