Saturday, 23 June 2012

China Glaze Haul

Hi everyone, hope you are having a good weekend. 

Took my son to a party today so while he was being entertained I got to have a good look around TK Maxx, it was disappointing today must be waiting for a delivery! Luckily there is a Sallys on the way home so I popped in as I wanted a bottle of fairy dust.

I ended up getting a few bargains!

Westside Warrior reduced £3.86

City Siren reduced £3.86

Loft-Y Ambitions reduced £3.86

Fairy Dust full price £6.59

Cuticle Oil £2.39

I really like the China Glaze polishes.  I'm starting to build up a little collection now.

Think I may be topping all my polishes with fairy dust from now on though!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your China Glaze purchases! I wish I could get some here :), in Sally's do you have to be a student/professional beauty person to buy there? Xx

    1. Hi! No you don't have to be, but I think you get better discounts if you do have a trade card x

  2. My nearest Sally's is a bazillion miles away! I had about 6 nail polishes when I started blogging now I've about 50 - that's what happens :D

    1. I know exactly what you mean! My collection has certainly grown! x

  3. i love china glaze but think it peals of easly so prefer opi