Friday, 29 June 2012

Glossybox June Review

I know there are loads of reviews of this box and I wasn't going to bother this month but after the uproar with the mens box - you can read my review here - and all your comments I thought I would tell you about the ladies boxes I got and what the outcome with Glossybox was when I emailed them a complaint over the way I was treated as a customer.

I got two boxes this month, one from my annual subscription and one that I paid full price for as I bought one for my sister as a birthday present in May and forget to cancel the subscription.  Oops!

First thing I noticed when I opened the box was that the sticker wasn't holding the tissue paper together as it normally does in the boxes. The ribbon was not tied either. 

I got these first three samples in both my boxes

Vichy Dermablend Starter kit - 6 different shades. For minor to severe skin flaws.
The pack is 6g. Glossybox list the full size of 12g at £19.00, making the sample worth £9.50.

I found the starter kit for £3.69 here
L-R Shades 11-16

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer - a multi purpose pure mineral bronzer.  This looks way too dark for my pale skin as a bronzer but I am going to try it as an eyeshadow.

1g sample size, full size retails at £8.00 making the sample worth £2.

I couldn't find this any cheaper.
Glossybox goat hair blusher brush - I think this was the product that caused the most uproar! It smells very strongly and is quite scratchy. I personally would never buy a brush made from animal hair and I think from the complaints about the product a lot of people feel the same way.

We are paying to try 5 luxury samples a month and a self branded brush that you can't actually buy doesn't seem to fit that criteria - they also value it at a whopping £15! I think if this had been added as an extra, like the mirror they put in the birthday box then there wouldn't have been so many complaints.

Erm not sure how to value this on here as you can't actually buy them....does that make it £0? 

So those were the three items that I got in both boxes.

In my annual subscription box I got 
Yves Rocher France Ultra Volume Sexy Pulp mini mascara.

This is a 2.5ml sample, fullsize of 9ml retails at £16.90 making the sample worth £4.69

I found it for £8.45 here, making the sample worth £2.35

This really is a mini mascara! Look at it next to the sample of benefit Bad gal lash that I got with my Glamour magazine!

The last item I got in my annual subscription box was a set of three Agent Provocateur perfumes. These are all 1.5ml samples and have a spray top which I really like on samples.

Full size 50ml retails at £39.00 making the samples worth £3.51

Agent Provocateur were giving away this sample set on their website for free, I bookmarked the link to share with you but I have just gone on the site and they are out of stock. You can sign up here to register for future free samples. I'm not surprised they are out of stock though - as people have been reviewing the box they came across the free samples on the website and I'm sure lots of Glossybox subscribers have this set on the way to them ;)

Well I valued the brush at a big fat zero so I'm going to be kind and let them have the value of the perfume ;)

Value of box £34.70 using Glossyboxes numbers £11.55 using mine.

Now, this may be a co-incidence but these are the items I got in the box I paid full price for

Caudalie Zeste De Vigne.

A generous 10ml sample. I'm really not sure if I like the smell! Its strong and smells of lemon scented bathroom cleaner!! It is nicer once it settles on the skin but I definitely wouldn't repurchase it.

Fullsize 50ml retails at £26.00 making the sample worth £5.20

I found the full size for £20 here making the sample worth £4.00

HD Brows precision tweezers.

Full size product, retails at £19.95.

So this box is worth £51.65 according to Glossybox and £35.45 according to me.

Wow thats a HUGE difference in the value of the two boxes!!

Now I know its not about the value of the items in the box but more about their value to you as a subscriber - no good having a £20 full size product if you don't use it. BUT, I think its very unfair on the difference between the boxes that you can see here.

Lots of people had HD brow products in their boxes last month, wouldn't it have been a better idea to have all the HD branded products in one months box with subscribers getting a different product rather than missing out completely??

Which box did you get? Are you happy with the contents?

After the issue with the Mens box I wrote an email to customer services to make an official complaint on the way I was treated as a customer and the way I was made out to be lying about posting abusive comments. I asked them to cancel my subscription and refund me the remaining months (10) that I had left.

I had no reply to my first email so I chased it up and I had a polite, well written email back from customer services apologising and agreeing that on this occasion they would cancel and refund my subscription.

So looks like this was my last Glossybox.

The refund has now cleared, I signed up to She Said Beauty to give them another try and treated myself to a pandora bracelet!


  1. Shame at how they treated you, at least you got your refund though! I was fairly happy at my box but still somewhat disgusted that I got a £12 set and others got £20 tweezers where others got free perfume samples. Sort it out Glossybox!


    1. They don't seem to listen to the feedback that people think its unfair do they? I've just bought myself a pandora bracelet with the refund!

  2. i complained about my june box i got the first box you reviewed, i sent glossybox a strongly worded email and i'm getting a replacement june box, lets see what they put in it

    1. Let me know what you get! That must have been a very strongly worded email ;) x

  3. I gave up with beauty boxes a couple of months ago after the Carmine farce (it's still one of the posts that I seem to get the most views on, even after all this time!) and I'm sad to see that Glossy Box is still not upping its game. I really like how you work out how much each sample is worth- a brilliant way of seeing if you're getting your money's worth!

    1. I do so miss Carmine :(
      Thanks! Its amazing the differences in prices on the internet x

  4. Such a difference between the price! Not really worth it now hmmm :/

    1. It's a huge difference! No wonder their customers get upset x