Saturday, 9 June 2012

May Empties!

Sorry this is late everyone, been on my holidays (will do a little blog post for you).

I have £21.50 in my lovely money box so far and this is what I used up in May..

Avon Naturals Strawberry Moisturising Body Scrub  - wow this smells good enough to eat! Full size and I've just looked on Avons website and it's currently on special offer for £1.25.  Will be stocking up on these!

Radox Moisturising Shower Therapy Gel with Camomile and Jojoba Oil - nice shower gel, I always repurchase these when they are on special offer in the supermarket.

£2 in the money box.

Two sample sizes of FAB cleanser - if you read my blog you will know I love this cleanser! My skin has really cleared up after a week in the sun and with the FAB cleanser I still get a few blemishes so maybe its time to try something new...

Taaj Make Up Remover - love this product, gets my make-up off quickly including my eye make up.  Can be a little drying but that's being picky!

All sample sizes so £1.50 added to the money box.


Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recover Mask 15ml sample size - 75ml full size retails at £33.50 on their website.  I wouldn't repurchase this, I couldn't see any difference in my skin.

Renu Radiant Skin Peel 5ml - 100ml retails for £32.50 on their website.  I loved this product, made my skin look much clearer and it really did look radiant! £32.50 is a bit out of my price range but 100ml would last for ages so I'm going to keep an eye out to see if they do any special offers because I NEED this product!

Another £1 added.

3 Sample Size perfumes
Vanitas Versace 5ml - 50ml is £40.80 on this website
Fan Di Fendi 4ml - 50ml is £56.50 on this website
Elie Saab 1ml - 50ml is £56.00 on this website

Love all three of these perfumes!

£1.50 added

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation full size and retails at £12.99 at Boots
I like this foundation, it provides really good coverage, has good staying power and is a nice colour match to my pale skin.

Collection 2000 nail polish remover - I wouldn't purchase this again as it contains acetone and I'm trying to only use acetone free removers to stop my nails drying out.

Both full size so £2 in the money box.

FAB Body Moisturiser sample size - nice product unscented and suitable for sensitive skin.  The bottle is poorly designed though as its hard to get the product out. Wouldn't repurchase.

SteamCream - got this in my last Carmine box.  Love the design of the tin, I will keep this and put hair clips in (I'm always on the hunt for hair clips, they seem to get everywhere!).  The cream was lovely, nice and light but a little bit too heavily scented for me. 
I didn't love it enough to repurchase.

In goes another £1.50

So thats another £9.50 added to the money box bringing the total up to £31!


  1. This is a really good idea to put money away when things are being used and ive been trying it out over the last month.It gives me a incentive to use my things up so thank you for that :)

    1. Its amazing how much stuff you do actually use up - now if I could only stop spending in the month...!