Sunday, 10 June 2012

Magazine Freebies

Well the weekend is nearly over and after 11 days off work I'm back in tomorrow - so went on a little magazine shopping spree to cheer myself up!

Glamour magazine has a choice of three freebies - Porefessional, Bad Gal Mascara and That Gal Primer.

I really wanted the primer as I have tried the mascara and porefessional before, but after looking in Tesco, Smiths, Boots and the local newsagents I gave up and got the copy with the mascara.

The sample is worth £10 and the magazine is £2.

I recently joined Weight Watchers and will be blogging about how I am getting on (hopefully that will keep me on track!)

There are two free packets of Summer Berries fruit pastels and a voucher to get one months membership for £10.

I really like the WW magazines they have a lot of good recipes and tips.

The magazine costs £2.75.

The third magazine I picked up was Marie Claire.

They have a free full size Ciate polish, available in three colours.

I picked up Jelly Bean.  I love the Ciate polishes and how cute is the little bow detail!

The polish is worth £9 and the magazine was £3.70

I'm really pleased with my freebies.

I'm going to keep an eye out for any Glamour magazines with That Gal primer and I may be tempted to pick up another copy of Marie Claire!

There are lots of freebies with magazines this month, have you managed to pick any up yet?


  1. I got the Porefessional and Bad Gal with Glamour, can't find any That Gal in Chester AT ALL! Haven't picked up any Ciate yet as I want Jelly Bean but I have only seen the purple one so far :(



    1. I know! Someone must have stocked up on primer ;)

      They had loads of the jellybean one in Broughton x x

  2. I didn't get any freebies this month, I thought I wanted loads of them but ended up changing my mind! The ciate is lovely :) x

    1. So many to pick from this month! Think they are quite a few freebies coming out in July too x

  3. I love the magazine freebies and so many more to come next month - can't wait for balance me minis x

  4. I managed to get the Glamour with the That Girl freebie, they had lots of them at the train station!!


    1. Lucky girl! I have looked everywhere, going to have to do a newsagent search...