Sunday, 18 March 2012

Boots Haul - £5 No7 Vouchers

I love it when Boots do the £5 No7 Vouchers, so yesterday had a mooch around Boots while the hubby went to check out what bargains he could pick up from Game.

So I went in armed with a single £5 voucher.....

I needed some new face powder so picked up the No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder in Translucent (I did actually think I had picked up fair, but just saw the bottom of the pot!) I've never tried this powder before, I'm hoping its not too drying. It has good reviews on Boots website so I'm looking forward to trying it out. It retails at £11 so after using my voucher I paid £6 and received another £5  No7 voucher.

I then put my advantage card in the machine, I always forget to do this but I had some points to pick up for an internet delivery.  I got three vouchers - 300 points on any Champneys, 250 points on any No7 Beautiful skin and buy any item from the 17 range and get a free hide and chic eye brightening concealer.

I picked up a Lasting Fix nail polish in sweet kisses which is a lilac pastel colour for £2.99, received the hide and chic worth £4.99 for free! I bought some chocolate to make it up to £5 and got another £5 No7 voucher (2 tucked away in purse now)

I used the 300 extra points Champneys voucher on a gorgeous body scrub - smells minty fresh! A bit weird for a body scrub but I think it would be fab to wake you up in the morning!  This cost me £6 so I got another £5 No7 voucher (3 now in purse)

I haven't tried this since its been rebranded under No7 beautiful skin, I'm hoping its only the packaging thats changed and not the product! This retails at £10, but I used one of my No7 £5 vouchers and the voucher for 250 extra points - meaning that I paid £5, got an extra 250 points and another No7 voucher! So back to 3 this point my hubby has finished looking round Game and wants to go to Nandos for lunch (yummy, yummy in my tummy) so I do what I usually do with my vouchers.....

Spend them on nail varnish! L-R Dollar, Milan and Base Coat. These retail at £7 each but using the vouchers I paid £2 each.

Its so hard to pick up the colour, Dollar is a metallic greeny-teal colour.

Milan is a metallic pink, with tiny silver glitter so that it looks like foil! Can't wait to try this out!

So I ended up with goods worth £55.98, less £25.00 of vouchers, less £4.99 free product for £25.99! I also got an extra £5.50 on my Advantage card so technically only spent £20.49! Bargain!!

Oh and walking back to the car I popped in good old Dotty P's, picked up these gorgeous shoes, reduced from £39 to a fabulous £7! Will match my new dollar nail varnish perfectly :)

Found this pic on their website, I couldn't get the colour to show up properly!

What do you think of my little haul? Did I spend my vouchers well? What are you planning to pick up with any vouchers you have got?


  1. Hi Jo! Thanks so much for stopping by lil blog! I love No.7 stuff and Ive got the Champneys watermint showergel too! Isnt it lovely! a A nice subtle fresh mint scent! x

    1. I quite fancy trying the moisturising spray too, they had it in store but none of them had lids on!

  2. Oooo amazing haul!! I ended up with another voucher but gave it to the hubby as a hint for mothers day haha... Imagine the people who work in boots.. seeing my hubby looking for lippy LOL & then he got another voucher & picked up some polish for me too! Now I'm armed with yet another voucher boots are so naughty :O!
    LOVE the Milan colour! May have to have a snoop for that one ;)
    & gorggggg shoes too jealous much :P!

    Great post hun & definatly money well spent :) <3

    1. Boots certainly know how to get you to spend! Hope he picked a good lippy and polish. I can't wait to try Milan out, i'll post a pic when I paint my nails.

      Shoes are gorge aren't they! Love them!

  3. I got the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser with my voucher too, great product! and great bargain! :)

  4. Can't believe that counting the 250 extra points as cash it cost me a bargain £2.50!

  5. i love no7 vouvhers! i got some pore refine serum and bb cream with them yesterday xxx

    1. I quite fancy trying the BB cream, I'm going to have a read of some reviews.

  6. I love No7 vouchers too! I've picked up quite a few products x

  7. You did so well!! I love the new shoes!! I have the milan nail colour and love it :)


  8. OMG those shoes are so nice and that is such a good haul! I never know what to spend my no7 vouchers on cause i only use their foundation but i might try the transluscent powder or the clear nail varnish (barry m whore) next time :P X