Saturday, 10 March 2012

Glossybox - The Harrods Edition

So I firmly planted myself on the sofa this morning with a cup of coffee, a magazine, a supply of biscuits and chocolate philidelphia refusing to move until the postman had been - well when I saw him walking down the drive with a pink and brown package in his hand I ran to the door and opened it before he even knocked!

It was the much hyped up Glossybox - The Harrods Edition, in a lovely glossy white box (I love how Glossybox change the colour of their boxes every month!)

I was so excited about opening it, but also dreading it - what if I got a box full of body lotions?
Gorgeous ribbon and look at the cute little sticker!

Yay! Only one body lotion! Praise the beauty gods!

Narciso Rodriguez, Molton Brown, YSL, Burberry and Clarins 

I personally love perfume samples and this smells lovely, wish it would have been a bigger sample though - 1ml will only last me a day.

This smells gorgeous, really luxurious - perfect for a relaxing bubble bath with a book and a glass of wine. Good size sample too 50ml.
This is one of the products that I really wanted to find in my box (along with the Ojon but I'm hoping thats in my second Glossybox, couldn't resist an extra one this month!). 
Its a small 5ml sample but on reading the instructions you only need one drop after cleansing, before you apply your moisturiser - trying it on my hand a little goes a long way, its really easily absorbed and my hand feels nice and soft.
I'm really looking forward to using it properly and I think I will get a good week or maybe two out of this sample.

Mini Burberry Lip Mist - I was looking forward to getting one of these lipsticks but I got it in shade  No.202 Copper and I can't really pull off this colour.  Will be up for swaps.  How gorgeous is the pattern on the lippy though!

And the dreaded body lotion! Oh well it is Clarins and it says extra firming -so will definitely be using it!

So 4/5 is not bad at all, I'm pleased with this months box and I hope you are too! If you haven't signed up, be quick as I am sure this month will be a sell out!

Please use my referral link if you are not yet signed up

Have you received your box?  What did you think?


  1. Not got mine yet but I want that box!!!!!! Lippy looks fab.

  2. The lippy is gorgeous but I just can't do nude shades on my lips without looking like either a corpse or an 80s throwback!

  3. Great box! I un-subbed a couple of months back. Really jealous about the lippy and the Clarins Body Cream x

  4. Can I tempt you back with my referral link? ;)

    Only pleased with the Clarins because it says EXTRA firming - just what I need!

    I'm sure there will be lots up for swaps over the next few days x

  5. Hi JO,
    Your review is great. I just had a question,... what sort of camera do you use for your photos... looking for a new one.
    Thanks. xxx

  6. Ah thank you! I've only just started blogging, and I'm really enjoying it so far.

    A few pictures are taken on my IPhone but the ones on this post are taken with my camera - Samsung ES65. Its relatively cheap, think I picked it up from Asda as I've lost my other camera! Its quite good for stills and taking pictures outside but not great at taking motion pictures so would depend what you want to use it for x x

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  8. WOW!!! x