Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hotel Chocolat Winnings!

Hotel Chocolat have been running an Easter Competition over on their Facebook page to win a gorgeous chocolatey prize.  It has been so popular that all 90,000 prizes have already been given away!

To enter the competition you had to "like" their FB page then click on a door key and it revealed your prize, ranging from a small egg to a years supply of chocolate!

I won the Sleekster Easter Egg Selection worth a whopping £22! The description on the website says

An exciting collection of 30 gorgeous filled mini eggs created especially for passing around and sharing this Easter – including melt-away milk and caramel pralines, silky smooth truffles with champagne and lemon, soft caramel and more.

Passing round and sharing???!!!! These pics are as close as I'm getting to sharing my chocolate!

I tried to get a couple of pictures but its still going dark so early that the light is awful so please excuse the quality!

I had the pink champagne egg and it was blimin gorgeous! Could taste the alcohol!

My hubby won a salted caramel egg sandwich worth £8.  The description on the website is:

Everyone loves an egg sandwich, which is exactly why we created these little beauties. And dare we say, we might even have improved on it – with two mellow slabs of salted caramel and 50% milk chocolate sandwiched between caramel chocolate egg shells, studded with salted caramel pieces and chocolate chips.

Can't wait to have a little nibble of this, will swap him for a whisky egg!  Ssshhh don't tell him I don't like whisky....

My son won a happy egg but I didn't realise you had to be 16 to claim your prize so I bought him a large dark chocolate heart lollipop, obviously he ate it straight away - not even time for a pic! Also very strange that at 7 his preference is for dark chocolate, especially as this morning we had a row because he wouldn't try a cherry yogurt, he loves cherries and he loves yogurt! Boys!

One lucky entrant will also win a luxury holiday to Hotel Chocolat in St Lucia! Wow fingers tightly crossed.

Did you manage to enter the competition?  What did you win? Have you been to claim your prize yet?


  1. i got my prizes today :) I got a easter selector and a egg sandwich :D x

  2. Did you get to pick wich eggs you got in the selector? Did you get the same egg sandwich as my hubby? x

  3. i got my Signature Box yesterday and other half got Easter Sleekster today :)
    the signature box's chocolates are yummy xx

    1. Such a good giveaway by Hotel Chocolat, after having a good look on their website I'm tempted to sign up for the taster box...

  4. Eeek can't wait to pick mine up! :-) X