Sunday, 25 March 2012

Saturday Shopping - Next Sale and Lancome Return Visit!

Its so gloriously sunny here today, that I'm waiting until 12 when my giveaway ends - announcing the winner then I'm off to the beach for a lovely walk and some fish and chips! Soak up some of last nights cocktails...BTW how nice is Jack Daniels, Amaretto, Cranberry and Red Bull - if you have never tried it, you are missing out its gorgeous!

We were out celebrating my sister Mels birthday, so she wanted me to go shopping with her in the day to pick a lovely new outfit suitable for birthday celebrations so we had a lovely girly day. I have three sisters, I'm the eldest then its Mel, Megan and Lucy.

Now I wasn't really meant to buy anything, as I have so much stuff I haven't worn/used.  But I couldn't resist a few little purchases ;)

First up, the Next sale. Well normally I hate the Next sale, but Mel wanted to have a little look round.  She didn't get anything but I got a couple of tops for £8 each.

The pink top is sheer at the front and has my favourite print on it - birds! Couldn't resist the cat print t-shirt how cute is it! Think I'll wear it today to go to the beach. I also picked up some stacking rings for £3 and a lovely sparkly bracelet for £2, I wore these last night and I don't know where I put them when I took them off to go to bed....

Next up New Look, at this point we met up with our other sister Megan. Mel got some lovely jeans, a navy waterfall blazer and a gorgeous blue sheer top with a fab bird print! Great minds and all that. Meg got some gorgeous trousers, a tribal print in black, white and brown. Outfits sorted, just need shoes.

New Look. Nothing.
River Island.  Nothing.
Dotty P's. Nothing.
Topshop. Nothing.

Give up at this point and decide to go with shoes that already in the cupboard at home.

Now, I'd been nattering to them about my blog, make-up etc and they were asking about my foundation which was actually the Lancome foundation that I got a sample of a couple of weeks ago. I really didn't like it when I first tried it but I now actually love it! So they wanted to get a sample too. 

The lady on the Lancome counter is so lovely, I told her about her matching me up with the Teint Idole Ultra 24 and that my sisters were interested too, she matched them both up and sent them off clutching a little glass bottle containing a 7 day sample they were both made up! And myself horrified when Mel announces later, wow that will last me for aaagggees my rimmel one is about 3 years old!!! OMG!

Anyway I tell the Lancome lady that I love the Teint Idole Ultra 24 but do they have anything that isn't such a matt finish, yes she says the Teint Miracle which has a dewy finish.  She hands me a 7 day sample and also a sample of the new Genifique Youth Activating Serum worth £9!

Its very like the YSL Youth Liberating Serum that I received in my Harrods Glossybox and I loved it.  She put some of the Genifique on the back of my hand and I could visibly see the difference in my skin.  Its pricey but I may have to buy this.

And I may have converted Mel into a make up lover, she left with a hot pink lipstick, gel eyeliner, stick on nails and some pink nail varnish!

Wow its time to pick the winner of my giveaway......good luck everyone!


  1. the Genifique eye cream is gorgeous I'd recommend x

    1. I'll check it out thanks! Wonder if she will give me a sample of that.....