Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

Yay its Wednesday, the sun is shining and the postman delivered a large box today from Hotel Chocolat's Tasting Club :)

A little bit addicted to Hotel Chocolat after munching my way through the Sleekster Easter Egg selection that I won a couple of weeks ago, so when I saw an introductory office on their website to sign up to the Chocolate Tasting Club for £9.95 inc delivery I couldn't resist!

Plus as I went through TopCashBack I got £7.45 cashback, making this an absolutely steal at £2.50!!

You can pick from Milk, Mixed, All Dark, No Alcohol and Rare Cocoa.  Curtis and I love dark chocolate (I know, how strange for a child to like dark chocolate!) so we picked the All Dark selection. It contains 32 yummy scrummy chocolates.

Had to get a quick pic of the chocs - the boys were not happy that they had to wait!

 It has a card inside the box with a picture of the chocolate and a description, most of them contain alcohol so if you don't like chocolate with your alcohol you won't like this!  There are a couple of chocolates without alcohol and of course Curtis has first dibs on these! It also has a scoring sheet at the bottom of the card where you can mark the chocolates out of 10.

The chocs have yummy names such as Cherry Bakewell, Rhubarb Truffle, Indian Summer, Heart of Kirsch.  I choose Indian Summer - wow nearly took my head off - thats a LOT of alcohol!

As an introductory offer we also got a 60g sachet of liquid dark chocolate - can't wait to make a hot chocolate with this.

The tasting club is a subscription service that you can cancel at any time.  The monthly cost is £19.95 inc delivery.

I have really enjoyed the chocolates I have tried but I can't justify spending £20 a month on chocolate (especially as I should be dieting!) so this will be the only box I get.

You can read more about the offer on the Chocolate Tasting Club website, don't forget about the £7.45 cashback from TopCashBack.  If you have not yet signed up please feel free to use my referral link

What do you think? Scrummy yummy? Is £20 a month too much to spend on a box of chocolates?


  1. I love Hotel Chocolat (got the fortified selection at Xmas - lush) x

  2. Sooooo nice aren't they. Had about 5 already! Thats why I don't think I can spend £20 a month on a box of choccies!

  3. oh my gosh...please dont tempt me!! lol

  4. Oh god. So tempting, but I'm dieting :( Why tease me, Jo?
    Just something, lately I've notice your pictures have been looking a lot nicer, not sure if you've changed the camera or picked up a few composition tips, but keep doing whatever it is! :D
    Devon x

    1. I'm meant to be dieting too oops! Back on the wagon on Saturday, it's chips and gravy Friday tomorrow so no good starting then!
      Ah thanks Devon, my camera is rubbish! Just think its because it's lighter in the evenings now when I get home from work so the pics come out a bit clearer :) x x

  5. Looks so good, and the Sleekster box was heavenly (although they're very generous with the alcohol!), but £20 a month is waaay too pricey! Couldn't justify that on chocolate! :(


    1. I know! I couldn't even eat the whisky one!

      On this box they have a guide - a wine glass with a line through is no alcohol, an empty wine glass is just a little, one full wine glass is a generous dash and two full wine glasses could blow your socks off - very accurate description!