Sunday, 4 March 2012

Heaven Scent?

Yesterday I had a rare afternoon to myself so took the opportunity to have a wander round the local Homesense store, I love all the quirky bits they sell. Well after spending about 20 minutes sniffing around in the candle section I discovered the most divine candle I have ever smelt!

Its by Calvin Klein and its called driftwood

It was an absolute bargain too, £12.99 for a large three wick candle in a glass jar, I've been burning it today and my house smells gorgeous!

Will definitely be popping back in the week for a little repurchase as I can't find it online, do you like scented candles and whats your favourite scent?


  1. I love scented candles! If I can afford it nothing beats Jo Malone or Diptyque but love Yankee too x

    1. I love having a few candles lit in the evening, sitting down with a good book = bliss (especially if it includes a nice glass of wine!)