Saturday, 10 March 2012

StylistPick - March

StylistPick is a subscription website that costs £39.95 per month, you fill in a selection of multiple choice questions and from your answers they create your own personal showroom made up of bags, shoes and accessories. Every month the showroom is updated and you get to pick an item.

Its free delivery and returns, plus no minimum subscription term.

Now I've heard good things about this site so when a voucher come up on a group buying site at the end of February for £9.99 I thought I would snap one up and see what its all about......

So I firstly ordered a handbag in pastel colours that I thought would be lovely for spring but when it arrived I was not very impressed with the quality so sent it back.  The showroom had then changed to March's selection, my first choice of a blue satchel was sold out so I picked another bag and it arrived this morning.

I love the way my handbag was well packaged inside a dust bag inside a lovely glossy bag

And the verdict is.....I LOVE my new bag!

Plus they send you a little extra, its not something I would personally wear so I have given it to my son to put in his pirate treasure box!

Do you subscribe to StylistPick? What do you think, is it worth £39.95 a month?


  1. I got my first StylistPick for £9.99 too and I picked a bag called Ivana and love it!! I skipped this month as there wasn't anything I like, I will keep my subscription but may skip months untill somthing I REALLY want is there as £39.99 is a little steep if you don't actually need somthing. I love your bag it's gorgeous!



  2. Ohhh ur bag is lush!!! i love it!!!

  3. Thank you - made up with it! Maybe I'll do one of those "whats in your handbag?" posts in a few weeks when I've filled it up with stuff!

    I've cancelled my subscription as I know I will forget to delay it - what I might do is complete the questionnaire every month then if there is something I like in the showroom buy it as a one off ;)

  4. LOVE THE BAG! i got one called Petra last mth for 9.99 and ive used it almost everyday lol. not sure i would pay 39.99 for it but im def tempted for some of the shoes


  5. Is that the black one with the zips? I wanted that one but it sold out :(

  6. omg that bag is gorgeous!! I gona have to do abit of research into stylist picks i think! lol