Monday, 23 July 2012

Hello Fresh Ancient Asparagus and Prawn Risotto

Last Tuesday my second Hello Fresh box arrived.  After the first week we realised that the four person box was much too much for 2 adults and 1 child so we changed the box to a 2 person 5 meal box.

The box arrived with no trouble again this week, apart from the tray that the prawns came in had cracked as the ice had poked through it. No problem though, just meant we had them for tea!
I had a lovely surprise in the box...
A handwritten note!
I was absolutely made up with this, I can't remember the last time I received something that wasn't typed or emailed. I really appreciate the personal touch from Hello Fresh.
They also sent me two bars of chocolate - neither of which lasted very long as they were very yummy!
Because the tray of prawns had cracked we made the recipe that contained them - Ancient Asparagus and Prawn Risotto. 
I love Risotto - I have an obsession with mushrooms which no-one in my house shares and if I make risotto then it's always mushroom risotto! Which means I get to eat most of it...
My knife skills are truly awful - I might invest in one of those dicer gadgets. 
Wow the smell from this was beautiful. I couldn't wait for it to cook. 


Again another fantastic recipe from Hello Fresh. The ingredients that they send are of top quality and I can really taste the difference from the food that I usually buy at the supermarket.
This has to be one of the nicest risottos that I have ever had (mustn't get out much!) and it was clean plates all round.

I think it would be really helpful if the recipes listed the nutritional values of the meals and I have suggested this to Hello Fresh. I know the meals are nutritionally balanced but I do like to keep an eye on the pesky calories!

You can use code 75ZPXR on the Hello Fresh website to get £20 off your first box. Just so you know I get £12 credit on my account if you use my code xx


  1. Loved that you got a hand-written note! and chocolate! Looks yummy x

    1. I was most excited about it! More than any of the recipes! I might start sending handwritten notes to my friends, they are so special and rare now that we have email x

  2. I want to try this box too!!! The risotto looks yummy. :)

    1. It was absolutely delicious! They do different boxes - different numbers of meals, vegetarian etc. I've put my code up for £20 off if you do fancy trying one xx

  3. Ah that's so nice of them. I love when companies put those personal touches in! Maybe Hell Fresh should branch into beauty boxes! Haha

    This looks great, you should invite us all around for tea! :)

    Lola ..x

    1. You would be welcome to come for tea whenever you wanted! I have a problem this week, my box hasn't turned up yet :(

  4. The risotto looks insanely good, pictures of that combined with chocolate have made me one hungry lady!! Off to see if I can cook something half as good as that ;)


    1. Hope you managed to cook something nice! The risotto was blimin gorgeous, even if I do say so myself ha ha ha!