Monday, 30 July 2012

Angelica Nail Colour - Brit Pop Glitter Polish Review

Look at this gorgeous polish! Brit Pop by Angelica Nail Colour.
Wow! Look at all that glitter! 
Brit Pop 
This was definitely the polish I was most excited about when I opened the package, I love glitter polishes. 
Absolutely packed full of multi-coloured glitter.
One Coat
Two Coats 

I love this polish! It is absolutely packed with glitter and is so bright and colourful. It dries quickly and is not too gritty although, as with all glitters, it needs a top coat. Angelica Nail Colour in Brit Pop is sold in Primark in the UK for £2.50 per bottle and contains 10ml of varnish. For £2.50 this is an absolute steal!

Angelica Nail Colour are in the process of setting up their website, but you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook. They sent me this polish for review.

Thank you to Sandy Godfrey for this picture of her holding her bottle of Leighton Denny Over the Rainbow. Brit Pop seems like a very good dupe to me!

What do you think? Have you tried this brand before?


  1. oh wow, bet that would look good over a colour! :)

    1. It would look fabulous! Definitely going to try it :)