Monday, 2 July 2012

New Beauty Box!

I got an extra special beauty box delivered on Saturday. 

Nardine from Live...Laugh...Love agreed to put together one of her fabulous boxes for a few of us who met on the Beauty Box Swaps page to see what she could do with the same amount of money that we pay to other beauty box companies.

We paid her £13.30 including postage and this is what I got in my box....

She personalised all our boxes

Wrote us all little notes


(Sorry for the funny angle on this pic, I took it with my iphone and I can't get it to rotate - if anyone knows how to do it please comment below!)

I laughed when I opened the box at the Oh Henry chocolate bar.  Henry is our naughty dalmatian and Nardine knows how much mischief he gets into so this was a really funny personal touch.
Nail goodies!
OPI Cuticle oil - this comes in a twist up applicator and I'm going to take this to work and put it on my desk so I remember to use it a few times a week.
Body Shop Nail File - this is perfect for my handbag, big and bright enough so it doesn't get lost in the bottom of my bag.
Orly mini polish in Witches Blue - I really like small size polishes and I haven't got this colour.

Naked Boost Revitalising Hair Treatment - I love a nice hair mask and this is 97% natural. As my hair is only shoulder length I will probably get two uses out of this sachet.

Three Vanedo paper face masks 
Red Ginseng
Marine Algae

A black eyeliner 
Wet n wild Mint Infused Lip tint with SPF15
BB Cream Pearl Luminous
The gloss is a lovely colour and smells really minty.

I've never seen an eyeliner like this before! Its like a big black crayon.

The BB cream is nice and pale so suits my skin tone, it leaves a lovely sheen on the skin.

I really like and will use everything in the box :)

She also put this funny book in my box! 
It really does sum up naughty Henry!  

You can read about the box Caroline received at carolinescraftyadventures, and the box Sandra received at Beauty Balm


  1. Great post - really enjoyed reading it. Fab box too x

    1. Thanks Sandra, really enjoyed your review too. Its great ism't it - I;m going to use the hair mask and face mask tonight. Can't wait to try the eyeliner properly too x

  2. Amazing box wasn't it, had slightly different shades in some of the products but loved my box and hope she does another next month

  3. What a fab idea and so much more personal than the other beauty boxes out there that I've seen blog posts about! You lucky girl! Enjoy your goodies :D x

    1. Thank you - it is lovely that shes put a real personal spin on it, I'll enjoy using everything x

    2. She really did well and I hope you do :) x ps Henry is lovely x

  4. I enjoyed this post :) I think Sleek do (or did) an eyeliner similar to that and the nail file body shop is really good. I got one a few years ago with the matching buffer and they last a looooooong time. I think I still have the buffer :D

    I want Henry to come and play with Millie, I think they would have a ball :D

    1. Is Millie a dalmatian too? Henry is getting much better behaved but he does have days where he does nothing but cause mayhem! x

  5. This is such a great idea! I can't believe how much she managed to get for the price! x