Sunday, 29 July 2012

Angelica Nail Colour Polish - Angel and Gloss Top Coat

Angelica Nail Colour asked on Twitter for beauty bloggers that would like to review their products. I sent them my blog link and was made up when they picked me!

The polishes are sold in Primark in the UK for £2.50 per bottle. The bottles contain 10ml of varnish.

Angelica Nail Colour are in the process of setting up their website, but you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.
These are the four bottles they sent me
Gloss Top Coat
Brit Pop - Review
Sweetie Pie 
I really like the bottle design,  it feels nice and chunky and definitely not cheap! 
The brushes are good too, just the right length and the bristles are a lovely thickness.
How pretty is this colour! 
One Coat
Two Coats
Lots of pics now trying to show you how pretty this polish is, it looks like fairy wings!

I then used the Gloss Top Coat
You can see how the top coat makes the polish more shimmery - gorgeous! 
I was very impressed with both the Angel polish and the Gloss Top Coat. They are a dream to apply, quick to dry and an absolute bargain at £2.50 per bottle. I will definitely be keeping an eye out next time I am in Primark for this brand. 

I think this colour would look amazing over other polishes as you would need quite a few coats for it to be completely opaque on its own. I'm going to try it over the Sweetie Pie polish that they sent me (review to follow then I'll link it here).

Angel looks to be a great dupe for Models Own Indian Ocean - you can read a great review on it on Lucys Stash.

Have you tried any of the Angelica Nail Colour polishes? What did you think? 


  1. Brit pop looks amazing! xx

    1. It's gorgeous! I'm writing up a separate review on that one :) x

  2. Oh wow, that is so nice. I'm not usually keen on colours like that, I normally prefer solid colours. That looks gorgeous though! I must say I may fallen for the Brit Pop one. I love ones like that and I will definitely be purchasing it the next time I'm in Primark! Congratulations on being picked by the way. Fantastic post!

    Chris x

    1. It is beautiful - so shimmery. Can't wait to try it over a solid colour.

      I'm just writing up my review on the Brit Pop one, it is gorgeous! I was so excited when I opened the parcel from Angelica Nail Colour to spot this one.

      Aww thanks! I was made up x

    2. You'll need to post pictures when you do! I think it's pretty safe to say I am incredibly jealous. I'm looking forward to reading the 'brit pop' review. :)

      Chris x

    3. I'll be posting loads of pics! It's sooooo nice - I'm very lucky! x

  3. love the glitter, its just like OPI rainbow connection xx