Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hello Fresh - Chicken, Chorizo, Pearl Barley and Cous Cous Salad

Today I cooked my second meal from the Hello Fresh box - you can read all about Hello Fresh on yesterdays post.

I let my son read through all the recipe cards and pick which one he wanted - I am trying to get him more involved in cooking as he is going through a fussy stage but if he helps me cook then he tends to try new things.

He choose Roasted Chicken with Chorizo, Pearl Barley and Cous Cous salad.
Double sided recipe card 
The instructions are very well written, clear and easy to understand.
Tonights ingredients.
As we ordered a four person box and they deliver 2 x 2 people boxes - we didn't need to use one of the blocks of feta as the recipe is for 100g and the pack is 180g. We only needed one courgette and pack of parsley too. 
Chop, Chop!
Frying the chorizo
My little helper!
So much food
This is how much was left over after 2 adult size portions and 1 childs portion. 
There is enough for me and Hubby for tomorrows lunch.


I was really impressed again with tonight's meal, the recipe card is clear and easy to follow.

The chicken took slightly longer to cook than the 20 minutes stated on the card but that may depend on your oven, even with the chicken taking 5 extra minutes the meal was ready in the 35 minutes stated on the front of the card.

The portions are huge, you can see how much was leftover. No problem though as it means lunch is sorted for tomorrow!

The ingredients are very good quality and you can really taste this in the food. Again a big thumbs up!!

If you would like a referral code for £20 off your first box please email me at, for anyone that signs up using my code I will get a £12 credit on my account.


  1. Great post! Your son looks really happy helping and the meal looks fab x

  2. I would love a code for £20 off. I had a look when you posted it on your FB account and we really interested. We are veggie and I need a bit of help with cooking some different and interesting meals as I have fallen into a bit of a rut!

    1. Hi Emma, I'll send you a code now. The veggie box looks good! Let me know how you get on x

  3. I can't believe the portion sizes! This does look great though, very yummy!

    1. Very generous portion sizes! Would definitely be enough for 4 adults.

  4. this looks so good i would love a code for £20 off so i can try it, i feel like i cook the same things all the time on a weekly rotation xx

  5. I absolutely *adore* your blog ! :-)

    1. Thank you Patrick! Just checked yours out - yum, yum all that lovely food :)

  6. I think card recipes idea is brilliant, that way one doesn't have to be worrying much about what to cook, just pull out a card and follow the instructions, very clever ^^
    On another subject, I have an award for you on my blog so please do check it out xoxo