Friday, 20 July 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance

Emotional Brilliance is the new range of cosmetics from Lush.  It's based on the concept of choosing colours that will shape your mood. It consists of lip colours, eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascara, skin tints and powder ranging in price from £12 to £14.50. 
I got an email inviting me to the pre-launch at the Chester store which took place this evening - I've just got home and as the product launches tomorrow, I thought I best type it up quickly!
They had this all over the window so we couldn't have a sneaky peak while we were waiting outside!
As we arrived we were given shots of Wheatgrass, I've never tried this before but it tasted a lot better than it looks! A bit like cold tea.  The Lush employee told me that it would feed my lashes. She had a table set up with some of the ingredients that are in the cosmetics such as oats and rose petals.

We were free to wander around the shop trying out the products.
Blended nicely on the back of my hand, felt nice and light - one of the best products from the range but I wouldn't pay £12 for a pot of powder this size.
This gave a nice shimmery bronze colour to the skin and would look fab with a tan. Its a little too dark for my skin tone but I am very pale!
This took quite a bit of rubbing on the back of my hand to blend in, but it left a lovely iridescent sheen to the skin. 
Feeling younger on the right side of my hand, nothing on the left. Hope you can see the difference!
I like the pots that are used throughout the range they are cute and I love the font on the labels. You get 8g of product in the bottles and the majority of the packaging can be recycled.
A few swatches - my favourite is the teal/gold eyeliner (middle). All the colours are very pigmented and they look gorgeous all lined up - but I'm not actually sure how many of the colours I would use, maybe I'm just not very adventurous!
I only tried one product on my face and that was the lip tint in Glamourous - a baby pink.
Eyes Bright mascara - I would not be able to use this. The handle on the brush wand is very short and I would struggle to apply the mascara to my lashes properly. 
I was then called up to the colour wheel, told to close my eyes while she spoke to me and then to pick the first three colours that appealed to me when she told me to open my eyes.

The order in which the colours are picked has significance. The first one is your strength, the second one your subconscious need and the third one your talent.
So my strength is In Charge - erm well I am known to be a bit bossy!
My subconscious need is Intuitive
My talent is Glamorous

From reading other blogs the first one picked can be a strength or a weakness and that definitely applies to me. I need to learn that I don't have to be in charge of everything all the time. I had on a blue blazer and a white and blue top and I hardly ever wear blue so it was a bit weird!
Intuitive - I do actually make a lot of decisions based on my intuition, so my subconscious must be telling me to keep it up!
Glamorous - this was the only product that I had used on my face before I picked out the colours. Again a bit odd! 

A few pics for you to enjoy!

 Well done to Lush for having another stab at the cosmetic market after their sister company B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful failed to take off and had to be closed. All the products are suitable for Vegans and are not tested on animals. I seem to be reading a lot about companies  testing on animals and being honest it is something I thought didn't really happen anymore - when I was a teenager (gees that makes me sound so old) you couldn't go out clothes shopping on a Saturday without signing animal rights petitions and I naively and incorrectly thought that most cosmetic animal testing had stopped. 

The concept is a good one, although a little gimmicky - I do like colours but I don't think I would wear half the range. The bottles would look gorgeous on my dressing table though!

I'll go back and swatch some of the lip products when the store is a bit emptier to get a better idea of the product and for the price I would expect it to have great lasting power, but tonight was the first time I have walked out of Lush without making a purchase.

Did you go to a VIP event? What did you think?
Will you be buying anything from the range?


  1. Unfortunately the VIP event I attended didn't impress me at all :( The one you went to looked much more fun! x

    1. Which one did you go to? It was ok but a lot of hanging around, waited about an hour to go on the colour wheel and there were about 20 people after me!

      Was lovely to be invited though and I had a yummy yellow cupcake! x

  2. Great review! The teal eyeliner looks gorgeous! x

    1. Thanks! I think that would be the only product that I would buy - not sure when I would wear it though! I need to find out which "word" it was associated with x

    2. Found it! It's called Motivation! That would definitely come in handy but not sure what work would think about me turning up with that on! x

  3. Great review. Glad you enjoyed the evening too. The Bath one was really good. I think there is something to the colour wheel but it just seems so irrelevant to what people will actually buy that it just sort of...wastes time maybe? I dunno, good idea though I think :) xx

    1. Thanks Annie! I think the colour wheel would be good for jewellery or clothing but personally I wouldn't wear all those colours on my face. Now if they were nail polishes....

  4. Great review! I saw the range in store yesterday but to behonest I didn't really understand it or could tell what was what. Just looked like a load of coloured pots! Will have to go back for a better look but I have a feeling they'll be a bit too 'out there' for my liking.

    The Skin tints look more up my street!

    Gret blog btw, I'm now following!