Saturday, 28 April 2012

April Beauty Budget Challenge - Week 4

At last the final week of the challenge!  I had £10.90 left over from week 3 plus £10.00 budget for week 4 and I made £33.50 on eBay so did quite well in the week until I got told about an amazing bargain on Glossybox!

Firstly Glossybox currently have an offer on their 12 month subscription to get two boxes free, making the subscription £100 plus postage and packaging.

But, then TopCashBack have £50.50 cashback on a 12 month subscription! If you are not yet signed up to TopCashBack here is my referral link

Go through TopCashBack to Glossybox, click on the 12 month subscription then enter the code WELCUM30OFF, reducing the cost by 30%! Meaning free postage and packing.

Pay the one off fee of £100 then sit back and wait for your cashback to appear :)


Could not resist this bargain so totally blew the budget this week! Worth it though I think!

I have realised from doing this budget that I have so much stuff that I buy and don't use, I will be cancelling all my beauty boxes except Glossybox and one other lucky box - haven't decided which one yet.....

 I have a skincare regime that my skin is happy with and it does get unhappy and spotty now when I use anything else, I have enough shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower gel to last me easily until Christmas and the boxes tend to not include many make up items - or shades that I wouldn't really wear so I am going to put the money towards make up that I do want.  Or to put it another way, every box cancelled is a pink MAC lippy.....

UPDATE!!!! I can't add up! I didn't blow the budget = £10.90 from week 3, £10 from week 4, £33.50 from eBay spent £100 but got £50.50 cashback.  Which means I have £4.90 left. Hardly going to pay off my credit card though.....


  1. Thanks for this tip! Going to try it now :)

  2. Complete bargain and definitely worth blowing the budget!

  3. Definitely tempting... Thanks for the suggestion for Glossybox sub!! :)

  4. you have done so well! I did get the LIB box but didn't get TSV Elemis today. going to try and not spend too much on beauty this month! x

    1. I couldn't resist the LIB box either! Luckily that was a day after the challenge ended ;)
      I'm going to have a big sort out and I think instead of a budget challenge I need a complete spending ban!