Sunday, 1 April 2012

Aprils Beauty Budget Challenge!

Happy April Fools day everyone!

I am setting myself a little challenge for April (and how I wish this was an April Fools).  I've called it Beauty Budget Challenge.  I keep buying stuff that I don't wear/need/use and by sticking to this challenge I am hoping it makes me think twice about what I buy. Plus I am apparently taking over the house with beauty items ;)

£10 per week budget
I can make extra money from selling my stuff on ebay etc
The £10 does not include the beauty boxes I am subbed to (JolieBox, GlossyBox and She Said Beauty) but I am not allowed to sub to anymore unless it comes out of my £10 budget
The budget applies to clothes, make up and beauty items!

I am hoping to be creative with my time and money!

I will post a weekly update to let you know how I am getting on, is anyone going to join me in doing the challenge?


  1. would like to do the same! would like to join you but i planned to spend some money at the beauty store tomorrow. can i start after tomorrow haha?
    I cancelled all my beauty box already!
    probably would be easier if i save up the £10 for the first week, and spend £20 in the next?
    Sounds difficult though, I just spend £12.95 on E.L.F. ... I think I should put everything which I dont use on ebay once I return to UK.
    What a challenge!

    1. Yeah start after tomorrow :)

      Wow thats dedication cancelling all your beauty boxes.

      It is going to be so hard but I like a good challenge! x