Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Yankee Candles

Yay its Wednesday and its a bank holiday weekend, one more morning in work and I'm off until Tuesday. Although where has the glorious sunshine gone? Its freezing and the heating is on!

Well these little freebies from Yankee Central brightened up my day, I only had to pay postage of £1.99 for delivery. Oh and this was before Beauty Budget Challenge, I'm doing really well this week not spent a single penny of my £10 budget!

They all smell absolutely gorgeous! I have pink dragonfruit lit at the moment and it gives off a lot of scent for a small candle.

They have 10% off the RRP for these products on orders placed before Saturday - you can order them on Yankee Central

They are doing a sample offer for the new candles coming out in Autumn and Christmas you can buy them here for £3.75.  Enter SAMPLES at checkout for £2.25 discount.

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