Sunday, 1 April 2012

Boots Models Own Pro Nail Polish Haul

Popped into Boots yesterday and managed to pick up some right bargains - limited edition models own full size pro nail polishes for £1.50 each and when I got to the till the lovely shop assistant told me they were scanning as 3 for 2! So I bought 9 for myself!

And they cost me nada, not 1p - as I had enough points on my advantage card to pay for them, so this fits in perfectly for my first post doing my April Beauty Budget Challenge :)

I thought this was a pastel blue when I picked it up but its actually a Matt Base Coat!
Pro Shade 001

Yas-Mint Pro Shade 048

Lavender Blue Pro Shade 036

Matt Purple Pro Shade 018

Mellow Yellow Pro Shade 027

Sunny Hunny Pro Shade 026 (can't wait to try this, it looks like magic sunbeams in a bottle!)

Golden Globe Pro Shade 28

Kiss My Brass Pro Shade 054

Burnt Toffee Pro Shade 023

Made up with my haul and can't wait to try them all out, I'll put pics/posts up as I use them.

Will you be popping to Boots tomorrow to see if they have any in your branch?!


  1. I WILL DEFO BE GOING INTO BOOTS TOMOZ! Excuse my overwhelming exitedness xx Marvellous haul!

    1. I couldn't believe it! Thought they were amazing for £1.50, but 3 for 2 woooooohoooo!

      Got a few other bits too but I can't post them on here as I got duplicates for my Bunny Buddy x

  2. Oh yes i will be popping in as well, where these hidden tho? I can't find them for this price on the website ... already feel i may be dissapointed. xxx

    1. They were at the front of the store on a rack marked clearance, I was actually looking for front cover eyeshadows when I spotted these! Hope you manage to pick some up too x

  3. oh my gosh thats unbeleivably amazing!! I'm also gona have to go to boots tomorrow to see if they have any. Lucky girl to have spotted these! x

    1. Hope they have them in your Boots too! I'm kicking myself that I didn't just get every single one! x