Monday, 30 April 2012

Lux Box - April

New beauty box on the block this month - Lux Box.  I tried to resist temptation but signed up the day before subscriptions closed.

My first box was delivered this morning.......

Hard to describe the colour of this box - quite like it though!

Packaged like all the other boxes.

Six good sized products.

Couldn't believe it though - I have had nearly all these products in other beauty boxes!!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream.  Retails at £14 for this 10ml sample.
This is the only product that I haven't received in another beauty box. I like the products from Balance Me and I'm really getting into natural products at the moment so I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Steamcream.  Full size and retails at around £10.
I had this in my last ever Carmine box (boohoo miss Carmine) it's a really nice light cream that can be used on both your face and body. I love the designs on the tin.  I have two unopened tins so will add this third one to the pile!

MOA The Green Balm.  
This is a 100% natural balm that can be used for anything from cleansing to putting on cold sores! I have one of these from a Latest in Beauty box, I've never really used it as not really sure what to do with it - I'll have a good read on their website.
The pot doesn't say how much it contains, I'm guessing around 5ml, making the sample worth £1.66.

Eldora False Lashes in H101. These are £4.25 on Eldora's website.
Again I received these in a previous Carmine box.  I don't really wear false lashes and I'm building up quite a collection - may have to start wearing them soon.

BM Beauty Eyeshadows.  These are 100% natural mineral eyeshadows.
I got the shades Her Majesty and Marble Sparkle. Her Majesty is  pink with a gold sheen, Marble Sparkle is shimmery grey. These are both 1g sample pots and 2g full size products retail at £7 each making these worth £3.50 each.

I got Her Majesty in Februarys Glossybox and swapped it so this one will probably be up for swaps too, but I would like to try some different colours.

Right then my impressions on LuxBox - there are so many beauty boxes in the market now that they need to stand out from the competition to win new customers and to keep existing ones.  

I think if you don't subscribe to any other boxes then this is a really good box.  As most people I know subscribe to more than one box then they will probably have received at least one of the items in a previous beauty box.

The same brands seem to be repeating in the boxes and I think that if a box is featuring a brand that has been in a competitors box then the person in charge of buying should make sure that the product is different.

As I posted at the weekend I will only be keeping one other box than Glossybox (I have a 12 month subscription) and I don't know if LuxBox will be it :(.

Did you get a LuxBox?  What did you think of yours?


  1. I didn't get lux and I'm glad I didn't as I hate false lashes, still got Steam Cream and didn't like moa. The only thing I'd be happy to receive would be the Balance Me Eye Cream! x

    1. I am looking forward to trying the eye cream but I'm afraid thats about it. I will use nearly everything but just a bit disappointed that there is nothing else that I haven't had before!

  2. I got the Lux box. I havent touch the previous steam cram from my carmine box. And i havent used the moa fom a previous glossy box. I am very disappointed in the boxes, they just keep repesting the brands. I got the erno lazlo skin care samples in my glossy box and it was also an extra gift in she said beauty box.
    I hope they start to improve soon or i will be dropping at least 1 box.

    1. It's just so disappointing when you open your box "to discover new products" and find you have had everything before!
      Mind you might be my own fault for subbing to all the boxes ;)

  3. What a disappointment - being a new box, they should have stepped up a little... I don't call that lux at all! :(

    1. I agree! Can't decide whether or not to give them one more month, have so much stuff to use!

  4. Hey Jo, just so you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :D Check out my post for the rules! x