Sunday, 22 April 2012

Aprils Beauty Budget Challenge - Week 3

I'm a bit scared this week! I know I have bought quite a few things and I haven't totted up how much I have spent!

I started the week with a budget of 61p due to my overspend in Week 2. I made £78 on eBay this week (woohooo) plus I have listed some more items that end next week.

First up a mini haul from MUA at Superdrug, I did the banking for work this week and couldn't resist popping into Superdrug to see what they had.  These are the first MUA items that I have bought.

Lipsticks in shades 6 and 12. £1 each.

Eye Primer £2.50 with a free eyeshadow! So I picked up the shade Pearl. Extreme mascara in Black £2 and a brunette eyebrow pencil for £1. Total cost £7.50

Nails Inc in Connaught Square and Park Lane. £11.00 inc postage from eBay.

OPI minis in L-R Planks a Lot, French Quarter for your thoughts, Strawberry Margarita, My Address is Hollywood.  £6.76 inc postage from eBay

Erm more sparkles! Models Own polishes in Juicy Jules and Ibiza Mix. £8.

Beneefit Smokin' Eyes kit - received in a swap that was included in last weeks spends.


£31.95 on my TK Maxx Haul


I eventually gave into temptation and signed up to the first Lux Box, they had an offer for £2.50 off the first box so it came to £10.45

Gees spent a lot this week...let me just add it all up.

£67.71! Get in! I have £10.90 left over!

Although I did list the items on eBay to pay off a bit of my credit card and not to spend on more stuff!

Going to try really hard to stick to the £10 budget for the final week, plus will not spend any money I make this week or the £10.90 left over from this week and will pay it off my credit card like a good girl :)


  1. i tried the MUA , they are not bad! I thought it would be poor quality with such price , in fact its not! I am going back to superdrug to get more lipsticks!! :)

    1. I know I was so surprised! The lippies are gorgeous, I'll definitely be going back for more :)