Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Box Swaps

Finished work now until Tuesday - love, love, love bank holiday weekends!

Got home to find a huge brown box that had been delivered via courier, thought no more of it as I assumed it was components that work had ordered - then thought well I better open it incase they need me to pop back into work with the contents.  Opened the brown box to find a big pink box inside - definitely not components, only my Easter Box swaps from the lovely Wendy over at Beauty Box Swaps

The Easter box swap worked by finding a buddy from the group to pair up with, agreeing a budget, agreeing a postage date/method then putting together a surprise box to send to your buddy in time for Easter.

We agreed on a £10 budget, but I think Wendy may have gone "slightly" over!

Wowzers! Couldn't believe it when I opened the box

I love bird print and this felt bag is gorgeous, I will be using this to store bits in...

....once I've eaten the stash of Haribo!

Yummy, yummy chocolate - the bag of Thorntons has already been munched!

It feels like my birthday! How cute is the little pink chick?!

These are shea butter bath truffles and they smell absolutely divine, they are strawberry scented and smell good enough to eat.  I tried to get my hubby to lick one -although it does say on the bottom Do Not Eat so I mustn't be the only person thats thought they might be edible!

Fan di Fendi, I didn't get this in my Harrods Glossybox and I had been trying without luck to get my hands on one in a swap.  Hmmm maybe Wendy had something to do with that!

Orly Smudge Fixer, this will come in so handy. 

Maybelline eyeshadow palette in Grey Pink Drama, perfect colours for me.

Bracelets (they are darker in reality, the camera makes them look really bright) These will go with lots of my clothes.

Yankee candle in black cherry - oh this smells soooo nice.

Toe separators, nail block and manicure kit

OPI mini stems!!!! We had agreed a future swap on these, but she saw that we have booked a holiday and she thought these would be perfect holiday colours so she put them in the box.

I love every single thing she sent me.  She is such a kind and thoughtful lady and I hope she likes the box I sent her (which is nowhere near as good as this box!)

Beauty Box Swaps is a fabulous community of ladies who swap new or lightly used beauty items. It is a great page so pop over and have a look x


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    1. I love everything! Those shea butter bunnies smell so nice, they are strawberry scenting my house :)