Wednesday, 4 April 2012

She Said Beauty April Box

My She Said Beauty Box arrived yesterday, I had read a few spoilers so the contents were not a surprise when they arrived and I wasn't too sure what I thought about them...

I actually really like the box, I love turquoise and pink together and I like the flip top lid

The contents card contains lots of information about the products inc prices

First up Filthy Gorgeous nail polish in Vampish.  This is a full size bottle and retails at £9.00

This is two coats, I have not heard of this brand before but I was impressed with the colour, it's nice and glossy and applies really well.  I found it smelled really strongly though and the fumes made me cough! The colour reminded me of a very well known polish that I have in my collection - can you guess what it is?

Next up is a Body Expert Kit from Comfort Zone.  We received a face cream and serum from the same brand in last months box, I didn't try them and passed them onto my mum as I have sooo many face creams.  I am really looking forward to trying these creams out though, they are all 10ml sachets.

Included is Vital Leg Cream, Tranquility Cream, Fruity Peel Body Scrub, Body Strategist + Remodeller Cellulite,D-Age Body Cream and Aromasoul Mediterranean Shower Gel.
The kit is worth £12.32

 I love pink lipsticks/lip balms etc so I quite liked the look of this Mischa Barton Luscioous Lips in Pink Pop but I'm disappointed - it smells really strongly like playdoh and there is no colour when its applied. It does contain SPF 15 and it says it hydrates with vitamins so I'll chuck into one of my handbags for a back up lip balm.  This is another full size product and retails at £12.00!

The card contains promotional codes which is always good!

Another full size product! This is Bella Pierre shimmer powder and I got this in Champagne. It looks like a really pretty shade and I will use this colour.  Retails at £12.99.

This is the "last" product in the box as the rest are classed as bonus items!  This is The Ultimate Therapy Face and Neck Polisher by Bharti Vyas.  I have just tried a bit on the back of my hand, a little goes a long way so this little tub should last a bit longer than I thought it would. It contains walnut shavings and you can really feel the exfoliating effect, not sure how my sensitive skin will feel about this but I will give it a go as my hand now feels lovely and smooth! 125ml retails at £22.50, I don't know how much is in this pot but I am going to guesstimate at 10ml so lets call it £2.25 

The first bonus item is sachet samples from Erno Laszio The Hollywood Collection.

It contains, Ava Gardner Instant Eye Repair, Marilyn Monroe Morning Beauty Rescue, Katharine Hepburn Intensive Porcelain Veil, Grace Kelly Refresh Moisture Infusion and Greta Garbo Velvet Night Cream. I don't know what size the samples are but the full size creams retail between £85-£175!

How thoughtful is this - yum, yum in my tum! Happy Easter!

So did you guess which nail polish I was referring to?

This is three coats of Filthy Gorgeous in Vampish

and this is two coats of......Chanel Rouge Noir

Left is Filthy Gorgeous and Right is Chanel!

They look identical in reality!

On reading the spoilers I was quite disappointed with the box, BUT having sat down properly and looked at everything I actually really like it!! I will use everything thats in here so its a thumbs up from me! I like it a lot more than last months box.

Plus without counting the bonus items its worth a whopping £48.56!

I got my sister Mel this box for her birthday and she was picking it up from the post office today (don't you just hate red cards), I'm excited to find out what she thinks as this is her very first beauty box and I wonder if I have converted her to the joyful world of beauty boxes?

Did you get She Said Beauty this month? What did you think?

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  1. Wow, you got a plectrum with your nail varnish! I didn't get one of these and I know it's quite insignificant but it is the small things.
    However I loved my box when I got it, and I think the magnetic flip lid is really great.

    1. I saw quite a few posts on their FB wall where people hasn't received the plectrum so I was surprised when I got one! Its a cute little touch.

      I'm sure I saw a post on their wall saying that if you email customer services they will contact Filthy Gorgeous and get them to send you a plectrum - worth a try! x

  2. I like the look of the box and definitely has great value! I love that it looks really full too! Nothing worse than getting a beauty box and it feels empty!! SX

    1. I'm looking forward to trying all the little sample sachets, think they will be fab for a pamper night! It is good when you open it and its packed full of goodies :)